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December 31, 2019, 8:50 PM I love the silence.  The TV is on, but I don’t really hear it. It is only on because it is the last night of the year, and at some point, this year will end … Continue reading

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Sunday Silence

It is Sunday morning and I am sitting here, on the computer, looking for something to do.  I have made the bed, taken my shower, unloaded the dishwasher, read the paper, prepared some leftovers from last night for the freezer, … Continue reading

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Will You Take Me There

I was lost within my life, I could not find my way My days had no direction, my path had gone astray I dreaded my tomorrows, with disdain I viewed my past Each time I tried to rise above, my … Continue reading

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Winter Wonderland

  Walk across the frozen fields Inhale the frosty air Nap before a blazing fire Tall stories that we share Etching angels in the snow Reward the inner child   Wage a friendly snowball fight Obsess, let joy run wild … Continue reading

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I stand at the juncture of yesterday and tomorrow, Knowing not which to embrace. The weight of years tilts the scale toward the past, Providing the comfort of the known My tomorrows however, as they are revealed Will compel my … Continue reading

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The Tinkle Of The Bell

It is the Christmas season, there is no time to stop There aren’t that many more days that we have left to shop We make sure we have presents for those we love so well Unlike those that are now … Continue reading

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A Christmas Trilogy Part III

The Greatest Ever Christmas Tree Part III Ruckus The man with a puzzled look Turned and then a few steps took Until in front of Hoot he stood And with all the control he could Said “Hoot, I know I’m … Continue reading

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A Christmas Trilogy Part II

The Greatest Ever Christmas Tree Part II Toothpick From the brush there came a rustle And the bunny with a hustle Hopped to Hoot and quickly said I found him but I ran ahead Tell your friend, do not dismay … Continue reading

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A Christmas Trilogy Part I

For several years at Christmas, my wife’s aunt and I would pick a joke gift for each other and write a poem about it. One year, I found a set of three hand puppets, an owl, a beaver, and a … Continue reading

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The Butterfly

Another butterfly, colors dappled, enters, flying gracefully heavenward.  I just kneel, looking, mesmerized. Natures overture plays quietly.  Restless, suddenly thrusting upward, variegated wings exit, youthfully zooming. I wrote this years ago for a contest that required you to use all … Continue reading

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