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Autumn In The Woods

  If you want to live in Maine, you had better like trees. And I do.  I love them through every season.  They are so expressive in how they present themselves.  Never satisfied with how they look, they constantly update … Continue reading

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Autumn Haiku

 Birches always first To grasp the hand of Autumn Flaunt their leaves of gold

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Harmony Haiku

From the earth a vine Rises to embrace the tree Arms around each other  

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The Bench

I received a video this morning that I felt was too good not to share.  It is the most powerful video I have had the privilege to see in a long time.  You must watch it until the end.  Enjoy. … Continue reading

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Where The Hell Am I

I don’t think I have ever seen an explanation chronicling how to tell when we move from youth to adulthood.  Nor has anyone ever explained how to tell when you are elderly. Perhaps it is because it is so subjective, … Continue reading

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Popcorn Sky Haiku

Entrance of the morn A virgin day ascending Neath a popcorn sky

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The Window

The coughing spasm came again, causing a fire in his chest and compromising his already ragged breath.  When at last it passed, he laid there, physically drained.  It would be a while before his breathing returned to normal and he … Continue reading

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