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The Old Stone Wall

The dust upon the old dirt road has settled Very seldom now do footsteps fall Most of what once was no longer lives here All is gone except the old stone wall Years ago when time was still an infant … Continue reading

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Emu Haiku

Everything echoes Emu’s eerie emissions Encourages encores

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Learning The Hard Way

“A learning experience is one of those things that says, ‘You know that thing you just did? Don’t do that.” ― Douglas Adams I sometimes think if it weren’t for ‘learning experience’s’, I wouldn’t know anything at all.  When I … Continue reading

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The Power Of A Smile

While in the grocery store the other day, I encountered a woman with six ears of corn in one hand struggling to open one of those little plastic bags with the other.  I stepped over, took the bag and held … Continue reading

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It’s Just A Number

Next month I will be embracing another milestone in my life.  It is called a birthday, among other things, depending  on age.  I prefer to think of it as an accomplishment.  I never thought I would reach this age.  Not … Continue reading

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A Matter Of Taste

I remember sitting on the old black stove in the kitchen as a little boy while my mother taught me how to tie my shoes.  Beyond that, I never needed guidance getting dressed until, in my teens, my dad taught … Continue reading

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Early Morning Row

When morning calls Before the cloak of night is fully lifted I stand alone with God and his creation Listen to the silence that will become today Breathe in the pureness of the moment And revel in the beauty He … Continue reading

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About Time From Time To Time

I was having a battery changed in my watch the other day.  I go to a watch repair service that I have used ever since they came to our house several years ago to properly install our grandfathers clock.  While … Continue reading

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From The Archives

Those of you that follow my blog at all, even from a distance will note that I frequently republish a post ‘from the archives’.  I sometimes do this because the urge to write is suppressed by a lack of content.  … Continue reading

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Where Did It Go?

Where did it go  When did it end How did it happen My childhood transcend Catch snow on my tongue Stick ball in the street Go gigging for frogs Skin my knees on concrete Sneak a pea shooter Into the … Continue reading

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