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The Greatest Sounds I Never Heard

The greatest sounds I never heard The sweet kiss of a child Communication without words The power of a smile Snow falling On a sylvan field Heads bent in silent prayer The touch Of anothers hand To let me know … Continue reading

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Cycle Of Life

As you go through life, your perspectives on almost everything will change.  How you define success will change as well.  At age 4 success is not peeing in your pants At age 12 success is having friends At age 16 … Continue reading

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I Am – You Are

I  read a post that contained a poem by Shel Silverstein from his book “Every Thing On It”. It is called “Masks”. It so typified, to me, how we go through life so conscious of our shortcomings, or just our … Continue reading

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Her Horn Went Beep Beep Beep

While riding in my Cadillac What to my surprise A little Nash Rambler was following me About one third my size The guy musta wanted to pass me up As he kept on tooting his horn I’m sure some of … Continue reading

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Rusted hulls neath salty fathoms Vanquished by a fickle sea Skeletons of yesterday Reminders of what used to be Once proud ships long since forgotten For years have laid beneath the tide Memories of their staid tradition Now forever locked … Continue reading

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Moving stealthily beside me My silhouette, but half of me Reflecting glances cast upon me This is all the other sees But just one side of me is showing Being that of left or right Creating incomplete conclusions The rest … Continue reading

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Being Cool

I think every generation has it’s own icons of cool.  The way they talk.  The way they dress.  The way they interact.  My generation was no different.  When I was in high school I wore my jeans low on my … Continue reading

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Living Through

I am a very lucky man.  I have just spent almost 60 years with the love of my life.  How many people do you know that can say that?  How many people get to walk that far together? There was … Continue reading

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With These Hands

With these hands I can sow the seeds of wonder And harvest knowledge With these hands I can touch the world And create my universe With these hands I can catch a tear And offer comfort With these hands I … Continue reading

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If At First

Over the years, I have painted and/or papered more rooms then I care to remember.  In fact, in my current home, I have painted every room once, several twice, and a couple three times.  For some reason, my wife always … Continue reading

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