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I Resolve

Well, here we are. Ready to dip our toes into a new year. I can’t say I am too excited, since I wasn’t too crazy about the last one. But, it is almost over and being the eternal optimist that … Continue reading

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The Tween

I call this time of year the tween.  It is the lull between two storms.  The first indication that we are in it is the silence.  If you listen real hard, you will not hear any Christmas carols, and there … Continue reading

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And The Rest Is History

I read an interesting story the other day about, of all things, pocket watches.  Although they have been around in some form or fashion since the 16th century, they didn’t really become popular in the Americas until after WW1.  This … Continue reading

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Timothy Alden Young had always been called Tay by his mom.  It was a nickname that had stuck with him all the way through middle school.  Life had not been easy for Tay.  He was the product of a broken … Continue reading

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With These Hands

With these hands I can sow the seeds of wonder And harvest knowledge With these hands I can touch the world And create my universe With these hands I can catch a tear And offer comfort With these hands I … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve

Cookies placed Stockings hung Tired eyes Struggle Anticipation Footsteps on the roof Excitement suspended “Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”

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Saturday Surprise

In retrospect, over the years, I have made my share of dumb statements.  My only solice is in the fact that most were said accidently.  Like the time upon taking a phone call that I told the caller that “I … Continue reading

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Werd Gaems

Although I am still an advocate for the value of writing or receiving a hand written letter instead of a computer generated one, I’ve got to admit that the computer version makes me look a lot smarter then I am.  … Continue reading

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Counting The Years

Each morning when I get around to reading my email, I find a rather diverse group of messages.  Many really belong to my wife as they are food and recipe related.  But others are aimed right at me, sent by … Continue reading

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My wife and I subscribe to the local Portland paper to include the Sunday edition.  I have to admit that I do not necessarially enjoy the paper for several reasons.  One is that most of what is contained I have … Continue reading

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