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Young Love

I walked into the party’ and said you look ‘some kind of wonderful’. You didn’t say anything but gave me a funny look. I said ‘is there something on your mind that you’re not telling me’? You said ‘every time … Continue reading

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See You Tonight

The incessant buzz of the alarm insinuates itself upon my groggy mind, forcing reality upon me.  Slowly the room takes shape and yesterday comes rushing back.  Jumbled thoughts crowd my head as I struggle to regain a degree of cognizance.  … Continue reading

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BZZZZZZZZZZZ Hello Hi, whatcha doin? Who is this? You don’t know me, but I wish you did Creepy.  I’m going to block this number No! No! Wait!  Don’t hang up.  I was just kidding How did you get my number? … Continue reading

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