Color It Sold

I guess it wasn’t until I saw an ad for a blue snowblower that I realized how much color plays into our purchase decisions.  I mean, I know that I would probably never buy a red banana, or pink celery.  I don’t like white cars, and orange anything leaves me cold.  But it never dawned on me how often colors affect a lot, if not most of the things that  I do buy.  Just before Christmas this year, my wife was watching QVC and they were selling some earbuds.  After describing the features, they proceeded to show the array of colors they come in.  My wife chuckled and  said “what difference does it make.  They are only earbuds”.  I nodded knowingly without divulging that one or her stocking stuffers was a set of earbuds, in blue to match her tablet which, of course, had come in colors too.

Since my  epiphany, I have started to take notice of the impact of color in my life, and apparently yours too, given the bent of marketers to make sure you have a choice.  When we bought a stand mixer, we finally decided on cinnamon.  Our cookware is in an array of colors.  While selecting a new parka, I knew well in advance which one I wanted, but I couldn’t decide between burgundy and gray.

Oh sure, I know that there are tons of items that have always come in a variety of colors and for the most part, we take them for granted.  But it seems the ‘dye has been set’, so to speak.  The other day, I saw an advertisement for storage shelves and yup, I could get them in red, or blue, or bronze, or platinum.  Storage shelves!!  Come on.  Really?

I have always had a favorite color.  It is blue.  Any shade.  I just like blue.  However, I do not go out of my way to seek it, it just appeals to me when I see it.  I think most of us must be this way and are naturally drawn to a color or colors.  Just ask anyone in the paint industry.  But it appears we have progressed to a new level.  Especially in metal and wood items which up until the last few years looked like, well, you know, metal and wood.  I don’t know if adding color would influence my buying decision when buying a spade or a snow shovel, but I have one of each and they are yellow and blue respectively.  Not sure how that happened.

Anyway, now that I am on to the subtleties of color insinuated upon me via the power of suggestion, I am going to consciously evaluate my future purchases.  I refuse to be  pushed and prodded into buying something based on color.  I will no longer unwittingly be enticed into purchasing designer tools and equipment.  Quality, form, and function will be my litmus test.  Is it well made?  Will it do what it is designed to?  And is it worth the price.  But, if it just happens to come in blue, well, that’s OK too.  Just sayin.






About oldmainer

I am retired and live in southern Maine with my wife and two dogs. I started Oldmainer as an outlet for my occasional opinions and random observations, with some poetry thrown in. I welcome anyone that wants to kick back and join me here on the porch, exploring all the gifts we have been given and the memories collected. Thanks for stopping by.
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8 Responses to Color It Sold

  1. I’ve been dreaming of a red Corvette for more than 50 years…


  2. Sonya Kassam says:

    Blue used to be my favorite colour. But of late I don’t think I like any particular colour…except I don’t like purple…and grey.


  3. msmcword says:

    The other day I was watching a home shopping network, and they were talking about the various colors that a new kind of cooking grill came in. I do not remember if they said blue.


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