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I wake to new horizons Distant vistas kiss my eyes Was it only yesterday I walked neath tranquil skies Where has the familiar gone My perspective is unclear I struggle to make sense of it Is now my future here … Continue reading

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It rises slowly, catching in my throat The bile, thick, putrid, unable to swallow A stench, repulsive, permeates my senses Helpless, shaken, frozen in place My eyes closed, or are they I can’t see. Don’t want to see, afraid Something … Continue reading

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Seducing with their siren song Those who with skyward gaze Watch with childish fascination The dance unveiled above Bright globes of color Greet the sunlit day Sharing a quiet moment Basking in the beauty Of a summer sky Skipping through … Continue reading

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One Of These Days

One of these days, when time is free And I feel the urge come over me I’ll do the things I’ve always said I’d do before I end up dead Go places that I’d like to see I’ll shed conventionality … Continue reading

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Through the lens of a lifetime Moments captured Who we are Who we were Warm memories Colors softened by time Infinitely archived In the album Of our heart

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