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Bursts of red and yellow Explode on the horizon Festive flares Adorn the sky Mounds of mums Dressed in gold and bronze Huddle together Defying crisp morns Brisk winds Rustle the trees who Respond with natures confetti A new season … Continue reading

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Caution Chipmunk Crossing

I admit that I am an animal lover.  Ever since as a little boy when bringing home a baby squirrel (briefly), I have been fond of our furry friends.  As such, whenever I see a story about an animal, I … Continue reading

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When Autumn Comes

When Autumn comes and visits me And Summers end I can foresee Remaining years are on the wane Cherished days won’t come again My shackles soon set free Life like the deciduous tree Watching it’s adornment flee While embracing falls refrain When … Continue reading

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Night Walk

Rain slicked streets glisten Neath yellow stains of light Silent save the splash Of random steel phaetons Moving stealthily to or from Goddesses of the dark Wait in the shadows Dressed to entice Street seduction Painted faces, pasted smiles Paradise … Continue reading

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Like A Willow

Like a willow in the wind Life moves without direction Responding to a subtle nudge From the hand of choice

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My Flag

Red and white stripes Like bandages of the brave Nurture our faith Sustain our pride Image of freedom Icon of democracy Vestige of our heritage I will stand for you

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Memories linger in the shadows Retracing footsteps of my past Trails I traversed now seem kinder Rough edges by the years recast Loved ones, friends, like crystal sparkle In the light of elder days defined The test of time deletes … Continue reading

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Playing hide and seek with Summer Autumns arrogance displayed Staking claim to all it covets September settles on the glade A new palate is presented Colors of more rustic shade Bold strokes that transform the treetops Autumns entrance has been … Continue reading

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