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It is time Too long in bed I stretch Cast off the bonds of Hypnos White sheets retreat I am free My head lifts Sun caresses my face I rise, standing tall Naked for all to see Beauty reborn It … Continue reading

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Charlie’s Garden

Charlies day started much today as it had yesterday and probably would tomorrow.  In the dim light of the morning, made darker by a threatening sky, he slowly dressed.  Torn blue jeans pulled on, followed by a faded sweatshirt that … Continue reading

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You Can’t Be Syrius

“150 channels” I said.  “That’s insane.  What the hell does one do with 150 channels”? “It allows our customers to enjoy virtual listening freedom.  And they are commercial free” she replied. “It’s a good thing they are.   By the time … Continue reading

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I watched you when you did it I saw what you had done But too scared to admit it My decision was to run Pretend it never happened Push it from my conscious mind Your motive never questioned Leave the … Continue reading

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The Cannon’s Roar

The Cannon’s Roar The cannons roar, hatred inflame Destruction, chaos, without shame A nations fabric torn apart Pride and conviction rule the heart Life as before we can’t reclaim Atrocities in freedoms name Negotiations soon became Words meant to stop, … Continue reading

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Observations On Observations

Have you noticed that there are virtually no news stories anymore that are not accompanied by a short video taken by either a bystander or a security cam?  I try not to think about it often as it so smacks … Continue reading

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Redundant Repetition

I was listening to the news the other night when I heard the anchor refer to the death of a person as having died of a “health related illness”.  After careful analysis, I was unable to identify any other kind, … Continue reading

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