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I Saw A Dream

I saw a dream of yesterday Not clearly, but in shades of gray A vision of what used to be Times that remain a part of me Briefly it came but could not stay What did this glimpse of then … Continue reading

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Saving The Best For Last

    Of all the things I have been accused of over the years, none of them has ever been that I was good looking.  On a scale of one to ten, I was simply a participant.  Not that it … Continue reading

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Written in tribute to the Boston Marathon survivors in January of 2015.  Dedicated now to the people of Brussels. Run Ignore the smoke of fear Be not afraid Run Midst the debris of hate Do not look back Run A … Continue reading

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Look at me And I’ll return your gaze But know not what you see  Talk to me  And I will answer But know not what you think  Listen to me And I’ll tell you of me But know not what … Continue reading

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Ask Your Doctor

Doctors are stupid.  They must be.  I say that because they don’t know what to prescribe.  It’s true.  All you have to do is turn on the TV and you will be inundated with commercials for drugs and such that … Continue reading

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No One Is Perfect

Perfection Eludes the mortal Shortcomings dwell Within us all Passions, perceptions Cloud the quest Words, actions Tarnish the soul No one is perfect So it would seem Until the day You fall in love

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Marriage Revisited

Since I have been writing this blog, and given the longevity of my marriage, I have on occasion penned some personal observations, instructions, and warnings relative to the quest for marital bliss, or as I call it, survival.  I have … Continue reading

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New And Improved

I am always amazed, whenever I have a need to replace a piece of equipment, at how sophisticated everything has become.  I don’t care if it is a kitchen range or a toilet seat.  Everything has been enhanced.  So I … Continue reading

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Misty Morn

I cannot find today Though it surrounds me It does not reveal itself The sound of breakers Splash against the pilings Rub against the shore The lonesome song of bell buoys Cast about in obscurity Searching for something, anything The … Continue reading

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