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Wait For Me

  A little boy in overalls Trying to keep up With the other children cry’s “Hey you guys, wait up”          “Wait for me”   She had just finished high school And was ready to move on … Continue reading

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Fall Flight

Klaxon calls Pulsing wings Split the sky Avian arrows Soaring south Fall flight

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Shattered Dreams

As pottery, dashed upon the stone At my feet lie shards of broken dreams It was I who killed them, denied them flight Dreams do not die alone Where has gone the dreamer Who once danced in the fertile fields … Continue reading

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I watch him waken from his nap Stretching, rolling, finally standing He looks about Searching for his newest challenge The little tail in constant animation The stubby legs running, stumbling Chasing all that moves A brief pause to sample flora … Continue reading

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Cure For The Common Scold

Well, here we are, again wallowing knee deep in another presidential campaign.  A time when even the pretense of common courtesy, not to mention ethical and moral etiquette goes underground to be replaced by vitriol and hate speech.  A season … Continue reading

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Rainy Afternoon

Wet fingers tapping on my window Restless clouds tumble across the sky The wind freshens A new scent fills the air Melancholy pervades my being I retreat into solitary hours Spent in reflection Lost in myself Isolation hangs heavy Restraints … Continue reading

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What you think you thought I said Was something else I said instead You said you know what you had heard Before I even said a word I suspect that you were misled My thoughts I think were just misread … Continue reading

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