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Living In A Vacuum

Yesterday while eating breakfast and reading the paper, my wife asked me what my plans for the day were.  I said “nothing special. Why”?  She said she could use a little help around the house.  Being the compliant househusband that … Continue reading

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The Decline And Fall

When I was a kid, I would ride my bike everywhere.  I didn’t wear any headgear and more then once my pant-leg got caught between the chain and sprocket, creating some scrapes and bruises.  I played touch football without a … Continue reading

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R olling down a grassy slope E ducing screams of pure delight M aking pies composed of mud E recting castles in the sand M agic puddles lure small feet B ugs of all design examine E nergy without remission … Continue reading

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As I read this, I find it amusing in a way.  At the end, I will tell you why. What is time?  Is it some bold demon which rushes us around, forever pushing and shoving us unrelentlessly?  Something to be … Continue reading

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The End Of Yesterday

Red Orange sun Sneaks warily Beyond the horizon A new morn Winters linen Spread in darkness Freshens my world A new beginning Another day Another chance To celebrate The end of yesterday  

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Welcome Home

She sits alone before the massive windows of the terminal, staring absently at the tarmac.  Silently she waits, radiating an air of calm introspection.  It is not until one draws closer that they can see past the ramrod straight back … Continue reading

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Icons of faith Tall above the village Stretch heavenward Pointing toward God Stoic structures Chambers of peace Sacred sanctuaries Await you Sunday bells Melodic voices Beckon, Welcome  

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