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Fifty Cent Memories

Sitting on the back steps, I could hear the music, and when it got dark, I could see the lights.  Actually, I could see their glow in the sky above the trees.  To a little boy, it was a magical … Continue reading

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Driving To Distraction

My wife and I were in the car together this morning when we came upon a major traffic snarl.  You are probably thinking “he’s got to be kidding. Rush hour in Gray Maine is like the line at the Dunkin … Continue reading

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Good Times Are Brewing

I am a beer drinker. Not excessively.  I have a two drink limit, and then only if I am near a bathroom.  I prefer the malty, lightly hopped, smooth winter varieties like Sam Adams Octoberfest, but I have never turned … Continue reading

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Temptation, Thy Name Is QVC

Someone much wiser then I once said “I can resist anything except temptation”.  It was probably a woman, but hey, I think it is probably a unisex thing.  At least, it is in my household.  While putzing around the house … Continue reading

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I Didn’t Know What To Say

A few nights ago, a good friend called me to pass on some disturbing news.  A mutual friend of ours had been diagnosed with prostate cancer.  I knew immediately that I had to call him and offer my support.   So … Continue reading

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This Is My Annual Tribute To Thanksgiving Who brought the Spam to the first Thanksgiving? The Pilgrims brought the Spam I think The Indian’s brought something to drink Though history books do not repeat it There’s more to do with … Continue reading

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One Man. One Flag. One Mile

In honor of our fallen

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Compliments Of Mother Nature

If any of you follow Laurie Smith’s blog, you have been treated to many original photos that he has taken depicting the flora, birds, and wildlife native to Australia.  It was with that in mind that I offer you … Continue reading

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Gone Are The Days

Gone are the days when we strolled through the heather Gone is the laughter we shared Back when our days were spent most together Back when for each other we cared Time was cruel when it played with our heartstrings … Continue reading

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Changing The View

When I was in my teens and still in high school, I had a strong desire to move outside of my existing environment. I was not unhappy. I just wanted to experience more. I was not a student, and college … Continue reading

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