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Failure To Communicate

I am sure that most if not all of you at some time or other, have had a phone conversation with a customer service representative, and came away with mixed emotions. This of course would have been when you could … Continue reading

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Autumns Death

The bear called winter Crouches, waiting to advance Silently it preys Upon a hapless Autumn Conquering a season spent

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One, Two, Tree

The last time we had a live Christmas tree was when we lived in Kansas.  That would have been in the early 1980’s.  We bought a 5 bedroom house, not because we needed one, but because, with high interest rates, … Continue reading

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Every once in a while, someone will send me something that catches my attention and makes me reflect on what I have compared to others.  I am guilty of being so caught up in the status quo that I seldom … Continue reading

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My eyes are closed, but not my mind I cannot leave my thought behind The shadow of a poem is there It’s essence drifting through the air Slowly words new lines become To elusive verse I must succumb Select, arrange, … Continue reading

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Please Just Say Something

Please, just say something I can’t stand the silence Yell at me, anything But please don’t just sit there I was going to tell you That’s a lie, I wasn’t I didn’t want to hurt you That’s just an excuse, … Continue reading

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Life’s Voyage

As a young man I cast off my line and sailed into life’s sea My destination was unknown, just happy to be free I oft sailed troubled waters, furling sails til the time when I’d ridden out the turbulence and … Continue reading

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One Of These Days

How often I have found myself saying about something or other “one of these days I’m going to”–fill in the blank.  Visit Ireland, write a novel, finish a project.  It is the mental equivalent of  putting things off until tomorrow, or later. … Continue reading

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