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Did You Hear The One About…

I have always enjoyed a good joke.  In fact, if you are a follower of my blog, you know I also enjoy a bad one.  I can’t help it.  Humor is in my genes.  I see it everywhere.  I honestly … Continue reading

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In Barren Fields

In barren fields where once was grown Golden wheat in springtime sown Still stands the barn from long ago The ravages of years it’s foe For seasons of neglect atone The whims of natures force are shown Within it’s walls … Continue reading

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Through Others Eyes

I often see him sitting there as I wander through the park.  Always on the same bench, staring at the scene before him.  His face mostly without expression, never smiling or acknowledging a ventured wave or nod.  I wonder what thoughts … Continue reading

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Roads Traveled

This is just a bit of nostalgia penned after driving some of the back roads of Maine and passing old farms, many no longer active.  My thoughts took me to the days when they were still alive and times were … Continue reading

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Mood Indigo

Did you ever wonder why songs like Duke Ellington’s rendition of Mood Indigo were called the ‘blues’.  No??  Well, me neither.  But now that we are on the subject, I thought I would explore, as I often do, the origins … Continue reading

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A Child Outside

Chalk it up to age I guess, but I often find myself comparing today’s environment to that in which I lived as a kid.  Everything was new and exciting then.  Discovery was there for the taking and take it we … Continue reading

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Kittens In The Barn

Stepping up onto the porch, he stamps his feet to remove the mud from his boots before taking them off and placing them beside the door.  As he enters the kitchen, he immediately smells the familiar aroma of coffee brewing. … Continue reading

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Today’s Chuckle

Two elderly women, Rose and Barb had been lifelong friends.  When it became clear that Rose was not going to live much longer, Barb made sure to visit her every day.  One day Barb said “Rose, we have always loved … Continue reading

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Hi! My Name Is—— And I’m Here To

How many people does it take to perform a one hour day surgery operation?  Well, if my experience yesterday is any indication, the number hovers around an even dozen, not counting the information desk and the parking attendant.  It seems … Continue reading

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