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Look Both Ways

When I started writing a couple of years ago, I thought it would be easy, and to some degree it was.  Initially thoughts and subjects were plentiful and soon I was publishing poems, narratives, and opinion pieces with utter abandon, … Continue reading

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Old Is As Old Does

Recently a young friend of mine was lamenting about the old cycle she rides to school. She said her classmates make fun of her because of it. Perception, it seems, matters more then function.   It brought to mind when … Continue reading

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If Only

If only when I was still young Before most of life’s songs were sung Lost opportunities, my mistake When life was there for me to take If only I had been aware While still my course I could prepare When … Continue reading

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Before The Sun

Before the sun in raven skies Prepares it’s splendor to reprise When with the cloak of night withdrawn Insinuate new golden dawn Rejoice in joy of dusk’s demise In limbos clutch til darkness dies When once again it can arise … Continue reading

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In my mind there is a box that no one ever sees It contains my treasures, it holds my memories Often I will look inside and I will taste again Something that I once had done, or someplace I have been … Continue reading

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Playing hide and seek with Summer Autumns arrogance displayed Staking claim to all it covets September settles on the glade A new palate is presented Colors of more rustic shade Bold strokes that transform the treetops Autumns entrance has been … Continue reading

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The Colors Of Freedom

We face each other The distance shorter with each day Each cloaked in the stench of death Cannon, silent but alert, line the hills Their voice kills my brothers Who like me, struggle to survive another day Each believing God … Continue reading

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Come, Walk With Me

I glance at my watch.  9:30 A.M.   Stepping outside, I am met by a beautiful morning as I begin my morning walk.  I am enveloped by sun and silence broken only by the sound of my own steps.  Motion, but … Continue reading

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Poetry Defined

My words collected on a line Attempt my subject to define Spilling forth these thoughts of mine Laid before the reader who Flowing like a velvet wine Tastes the words anew Do they to the reader speak Please the audience … Continue reading

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Whispers in a darkened room Two bodies locked in passions dance Lust and longing both consume Exploring hands enhance  Sacred vows lie on the floor Discarded with their clothes Craving love, they search for more Trust lost in the throes  … Continue reading

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