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“Good morning Mr Nelson” the nurse says cheerily to the old man sitting in the wheelchair.  “Would you two like me to open the drapes and let a little sun shine in?  It’s another beautiful day.” “Yes, yes, please do.  … Continue reading

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The Art of Paying Attention

The title indicates that I think paying attention is an art, and I do.  It is also one that although practiced, is seldom perfected.  I know I struggle with it.  I have a tendency to mentally skip ahead in a  … Continue reading

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Her Horn Went Beep Beep Beep

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While riding in my Cadillac What to my surprise A little Nash Rambler was following me About one third my size The guy musta wanted to pass me up As he kept on tooting his horn…

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It is my considered opinion, based of years of experience and observation, that there is an unwritten law that says “what you do is not as important as what people think you are doing”.  For instance, when I joined the … Continue reading

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The old man sat with eyes closed, dozing in his chair Until a little voice he heard say “Grandpa, are you there?” He gazed upon the little boy while waking from his nap Then reached down with a sweeping move … Continue reading

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Congressional Conundrum

I am not a student of Congress, but it doesn’t take a very bright bulb to realize that it is broken.  The question is why, and, although I don’t believe that there is one end all, be all answer, I … Continue reading

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Painted faces Pasted smiles Sexy trappings Rented wiles Cloaked in shadow Walk alone Ply the sidewalks Red light zone Battered lives Hopeless dreams Seamy rooms Tawdry schemes Take the money Play your role Sell your body And your soul Vicious … Continue reading

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Puppy Love

This is a message for Praeze who is dealing with the loss of her first love.  I know not of this feeling, that dwells inside my breast This bittersweet sensation that will not let me rest It started with a … Continue reading

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Walking Alone

Maybe it’s because I am well into my years that I pay more attention to those that are aging around me.  Like trying on a suit and deciding how it fits and if you are comfortable in it. I see … Continue reading

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Is It Just Me, Or

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It is said that history repeats itself, and I believe that is true, because we are still making the same damn mistakes that have been made over and over and we still expect things to be…

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