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Where Did It Go

Where did it go  When did it end How did it happen My childhood transcend Catch snow on my tongue Stick ball in the street Go gigging for frogs Skin my knees on concrete Sneak a pea shooter Into the … Continue reading

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Originally posted on oldmainer:
When I first met Maizie, she was about eight years old.  Just a wisp of a thing.  I quiet girl who, devoid of any siblings, was accustomed to playing by herself.   Maizies parents were one…

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I am sure, just like me, that you have on occasion run into someone who’s sole purpose appears to be to put a negative spin on everything, as if bending your positive into a negative is going to provide anything … Continue reading

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How DO You Spell Success

This morning when I signed into WordPress, I was surprised to be greeted by a Happy Anniversary message, commemorating three years of posts.  I was a little surprised because I had no idea I had been doing it that long.  … Continue reading

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10000 Steps

“229” he said. “You’ve got to be kidding” I said. “I’ve never weighed that much”. “Well, you do now.  It wouldn’t hurt you to lose a little weight.  Especially with your diabetes”. That conversation took place about a month ago … Continue reading

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Unsung Heroes

Photos that Prove there Are Good Hearted People These are the people that keep our society going and who are often the unsung heroes of our days. They don’t get their name in the newspapers, but they make a difference … Continue reading

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Old Guy And A Bucket Of Shrimp

My cousin sent me this story and, upon reading it, I knew I had to share it.  We all have our own share of problems and there are days that are pretty dark.  But somehow, we survive.  Somehow we manage … Continue reading

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Necessity, The Mother Of Invention

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