Mad CatYou think this is soooo funny, don’t you. Well, it’s NOT funny at all Buster. I see you laying there with your bone pretending you’re asleep, but I know better. I know you pushed the door shut when you thought I wasn’t looking. Well, I was looking pal, and I saw you do it. So now, smartass, if you know what’s good for you, you had better go get someone to come and open this damn door and let me in. I AM NOT HAPPY.   Trust me. And when I get my paws on you, you ain’t going to be happy either. DO YOU HEAR ME??? You are in soooo much trouble. Paybacks are hell mister. You can take that to the bank.  Wait!!! What is that you are chewing on??  Is that my cat toy?  UGGGGGGGH.

About oldmainer

I am retired and live in southern Maine with my wife and two dogs. I started Oldmainer as an outlet for my occasional opinions and random observations, with some poetry thrown in. I welcome anyone that wants to kick back and join me here on the porch, exploring all the gifts we have been given and the memories collected. Thanks for stopping by.
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3 Responses to Gotcha

  1. OMG what a picture!!!!!! Poor baby. ❤


  2. msmcword says:

    I would not want to be the dog when that cat is let back into the house!


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