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You think this is soooo funny, don’t you. Well, it’s NOT funny at all Buster. I see you laying there with your bone pretending you’re asleep, but I know better. I know you pushed the door shut when you thought … Continue reading

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I awoke this morning to an overcast, rainy day.  Not unexpected.  They had been forecasting several inches, lasting throughout the day.  But what was interesting is how it set my mood.  The room remained in semi darkness, even though dawn … Continue reading

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Seeking Bethlehem

Originally posted on oldmainer:
The conductor stopped by my seat and advised me that we would soon be entering the Philadelphia rail yards where the baggage car would be added to another train.  He would advise the engineer to have it opened…

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Beautiful Lies

I recently read a poem in which one line referred to “beautiful lies”, which on the surface, would appear to be an oxymoron. But the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. How often do I say … Continue reading

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Moving stealthily beside me My silhouette, but half of me Reflecting glances cast upon me This is all the other sees But just one side of me is showing Being that of left or right Creating incomplete conclusions The rest … Continue reading

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Before me A petulant sea Approaches Like sodden soldiers Whitecaps March in lockstep Assault The granite coast Relentless pursuit Washing over Vanquished beaches Staking it’s claim Transgressions Challenged Resistance Renewed Gains relinquished The sea retreats Seeking the horizon Breakers murmur … Continue reading

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Kids. You Gotta Luv Em

Ask any seasoned performer, regardless of genre, and they will tell you that acting with a child will relegate you, at best, to best supporting actor/actress.  It seems that in the arts, as in life, children have a way stealing … Continue reading

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