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When I Walked By

Alas when final words are spoken And when all respects are paid When my bond with life has broken And away my body has been laid When all the years that I collected Reflect the times when I walked by … Continue reading

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There are times when a thought, or an emotion, or a message is best conveyed by silence.  A friend sent me this commercial for Food City, a grocery chain headquartered in Bristol, Tennessee.  I thought it was powerful and wanted … Continue reading

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Yesterdays Hero

Originally posted on oldmainer:
I repost this every year in remembrance of Memorial Day as a thank you to all the men and women of  the military that so unselfishly give of themselves to guarantee our freedom and safety.  I…

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Deciding Not To Decide

A conference is a gathering of people who singly can do nothing, but together can decide that nothing can be done. Fred Allen Comedian (1894-1956) If you follow politics at all as I do, albeit, at a distance and hopefully … Continue reading

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Midnight Hour

Long since the veil of Nyx Was drawn across the vestiges of day When what is, became what was Cloaking indiscretions past The solemn  hours steal memories Intrude upon form and fantasy Soften and shape the world Hiding the worst … Continue reading

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I am reposting this in honor of my mother Happy Mother’s Day In the cove, several boats are gathered Sheltered from the harshness of the sea Tempted by it’s call to go and join it It coaxes them “come out … Continue reading

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Isn’t It Funny

Isn’t it funny how When times are tough And resources strained We never have trouble Feeding our egos

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