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First They Have To Like You

Did you ever wonder why so many public speakers start their presentation with a joke or funny story.  Nope, neither did I.  But as one that spent his early career trying to avoid addressing a room full of people, I … Continue reading

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In A Darkened Room

In a darkened room Where movement is But heard or felt Contact incidental Sounds without shape See only with our minds In a darkened room All are the same Bodies without bias Opinions vetted Ideas exchanged Between unseen sources In … Continue reading

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By The Waters Edge

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I feel the little ripples as they wash between my toes They rush up to greet me, then out again they go Teasing with their cool caress before they run away Toying with my senses,…

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Happiness is not the absence of problems but the ability to deal with them” Charles Louis De Montesquieu French philosopher (1689-1755) Over the years I have had my share of problems.  We all have.  They come in all sizes and … Continue reading

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Children, pure and untouched Live in their imagination Tasting all that surrounds them Drinking of discovery Too soon the rain of hubris Dampens the innocence Censors the unbridled joy Appends their childhood Youth slips away…

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Meals On Wheels

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Shuffling down the sidewalk His life in plastic bags Societies discarded remnants A dog of suspect lineage Frayed rope for a leash Diverted glances avoid his being Wide birth given to his course Downcast eyes…

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Whisper Of The Wind

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The fickle wind Tickles the trees Caresses golden fields Tousles my hair Kisses my cheek Embraces me briefly And runs away

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Cemetery Street

CEMETERY STREET The pavement laid with cobbled stone Smoothed by the years, beneath my feet Greets me as I walk alone On Cemetery Street Behind the walls where death is sown Where souls of yesterday retreat And remnants of the … Continue reading

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Behind the “8” Ball

Computers are useless.  They can only give you answers. Pablo Picasso Spanish Artist 1881-1970 I suspect old Pablo was being a wee bit cynical when he made the above statement, or maybe not.  Since he died in 1970, I have … Continue reading

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