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It’s The Law

If there is one thing more prolific then politicians, it has to be laws.  There are very few things that we do that are not covered by a law somewhere. Consequently we walk a fine line between being law abiding,  … Continue reading

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The Debate

If I dare not raise the pen Appease my fear to fail Silencing my thoughts again My need to speak curtail If I ignore the urge to write Lay silent on the page Stifling the words that might This need … Continue reading

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Heavens Gate

Gray is the day When sullen clouds Drift despondently Muting my world In the gloom My heart Longs for the sun Seeks retribution Alas, but for a moment The hand of God Parts the leaden sky Heaven exposed

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Small Towns

Originally posted on oldmainer:
There is something to be said for small towns.  After living my entire adult life in cities, I had some reservations when we decided to return to Maine.  Even the largest cities up here pale in…

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Winter’s Retreat

Winter, wearied By it’s labors Sweeps the landscape Spreads a clean sheet of snow Dusts the frozen bows And with a mournful look Exits

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Granite blocks of stone Stand vigil all alone Lean as if in prayer Forever Where seldom footsteps tread Here among the dead Memories interred Forgotten Faithful through the years Where long bereft of tears Remnants…

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The Anatomy Of No

Originally posted on oldmainer:
Why is it that a word with only two letters and one syllable can be so complex?  I don’t know the answer to that, but it is.  I have come to believe however, that it is…

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A Thank You

Some time ago, I published a post that said that I would not be accepting any awards if they were ever offered, and in fact, have appreciated but turned down a couple since.  However, the other day I was nominated … Continue reading

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Ideas, like tinder Lay dry and fallow Until the steel of inspiration Strikes the flint of  expression Igniting the spark Of creativity

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Requiem To A Dog

Originally posted on Ink lings:
I wish you well my faithful friend On you I always could depend Through times of laughter and of pain Close by my side you would remain And all my faults you would defend But…

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