I Didn’t Know That

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy occasions when I come across an interesting statistic or two, the more obscure the better.  The other day, a friend sent me a few. A variety of things I had not known and, quite frankly, had never given any thought to.  But now that they have been outed, I find myself sitting here, saying to myself “well I’ll be darned.  I didn’t know that”.

Here is a sample.  John Tyler, 10th President of the U.S. has a grandson that is still alive today.  It seems that John had a son, Lyon, when he was 63.  Lyon in turn had a son, Harrison, when he was 75.  I don’t know what this says for their genes, but it sure speaks volumes about their libido.  Just sayin.

Now, how many of you can say “I knew that”.  I thought so.  And how about you sports fans out there.  Did you know that The Ottoman Empire still existed the last time the Chicago Cubs won a World Series.  Yup.  The Cubs haven’t won the series since 1908, although they have played in 7 of them since.  I would like to know where they find their fans.  I would like to recruit some of them for my blog.

Here’s another.  The Great Pyramid was built circa 2560 BC,  Cleopatra lived between 69 BC and 30 BC, and the first moon landing was in 1969 AD.  This means that good ole Cleo lived closer to the moon landing then she did to the building of the Great Pyramid.  Further, speaking of pyramids, they were as old to the Romans as the Romans are to us.  When put in this context, it just seems so strange to me.

The same goes for this one.  The Wright Brothers flew for the first time in 1903.  38 years later, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.  28 years after that, man landed on the moon in 1969.  Add that all up and it is only 66 years between the first take off and the moon landing.  Amazing.  Kind of makes you wonder how long it would have taken if it had to go through Congress.  They are more like the planet Pluto which since being discovered has yet to complete an orbit around the sun.  That won’t happen until 2178, about the same time the next bill is expected to pass in the Senate.

This last one is a fact that I stumbled across last year and found it interesting.  It pertains to the cashew.  It turns out the cashew is not a nut at all.  It is in fact, a seed, housed within the stem of a “cashew apple”.  The stem is very poisonous and contains an acid like oil that must be burned out of it before the cashew becomes edible.  The cleaning process takes a long time and is one of the reasons the cashew is so expensive.

OK.  That’s enough Weird Stuff 101 for today.  Take the rest of the weekend off.  There will be a quiz on Monday. 🙂

About oldmainer

I am a retired manager living in Southern Maine and a would be writer of poetry, narratives, short stories, and random opinions, and that's how Oldmainer was born. Recently, I decided to try an experiment. I added photography to the mix, using only a cheap cell phone with a limited camera and the editing software that came with it, and added the blog site Inklings at poormanspoet.wordpress.com to showcase the results. So, feel free to use whatever you find interesting or worthy, but please honor the terms of my copyright when and if you do. They may not be much, but they are still a piece of me. I appreciate your checking me out and hope that you find something that will encourage a return visit. Thanks for stopping by.
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7 Responses to I Didn’t Know That

  1. Very funny. If you find those fans for your blog, please send them over to mine! Sue


  2. Wow…interesting facts. Especially about the them between the Wright Brothers and the moon landing (if we actually went to the moon, that’s a whole other story).

    Since I’m from Chicago, believe me Cubs fans are Cubs fans until they die, and even then, they may be buried or cremated in their Cubs garb. This loyalty is passed from one generation to another. They are a north side team. The sox are a south side team and the rivalry is INTENSE, to say the least. I would liken it to the Bears vs. the Packers…both can are kind of dangerous, under certain circumstances. It’s stupid to wear a Bears shirt when you’re in Wisconsin and it’s stupid to wear a Packers shirt when you’re here. A woman at the bank had a Packers shirt on, for “you’re favorite team day,” and people wouldn’t go to her line and there was growling in the room. Dumb, sure, but people feel strongly about those who like the Packers. LOL You don’t mess with the Cubs, Bears or the Blackhawks. Not if you have a working braincell in your head. 🙂 It doesn’t have to make sense, it’s just the way things are. I haven’t been to a Cubs game since I was a kid (when I went to every home game), but they re MY Cubs and they always will be:) It’s hard to overcome that kind of brainwashing…LOL Go Cubs!!!!!!


  3. laurie27wsmith says:

    Now I really learned something today Bob, thanks a lot. 🙂


  4. I shall forever think of them as the cosmic congress


  5. Edwin Best says:

    I always knew there was something weird about cashews. Give me peanuts with my beer every time! Very entertaining – as ever..


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