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How Can I Be Sad

When Mother Nature smiles at me And lays fresh linen on each tree Hiding earths infirmities How can I be sad When tree limbs in new cloaks of snow Where only hints of tree trunks show Bright morning sun sets … Continue reading

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A Guide To Successful Relationships

 I wish I could take credit for this, but I can’t.  It was sent to me by a friend who incidentally, is also married.  But, in the interest of helping the husbands of the world, I decided to share it.  … Continue reading

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Cowboys Lament

I like most types of music, in moderation, but I particularly enjoy a good old cowboy song.  They always tell a story and most of the time someone has been wronged.  It is about the one that got away, a … Continue reading

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We stand here in our small groups, talking nervously How I handle who I am is now all up to me  Our duffles are stacked neatly, I hear the muffled din .While waiting for the…

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I See Beyond

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I see beyond the crosses Standing tall across the field Like soldiers in formation For whom our hearts won’t heal I see beyond the sacrifice Of those that gave their life And with their faith to…

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Marching Through Life

Thinking back on my youth, I believe that one of the best things that I did was join the military.  I was like any other recent high school grad.  What I had learned up to then, paled by comparison to … Continue reading

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In the distance he heard a faint sound.  A ringing sound.  After a brief pause, he heard it again, only louder this time.  Slowly he awoke and realized that he must have fallen asleep in his…

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With These Hands

  With these hands I can sow the seeds of wonder And harvest knowledge With these hands I can touch the world And create my universe With these hands I can catch a tear And offer comfort With these hands … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget To Say I Love You

Valentines Day!!!  The day of the year when a woman’s thoughts turn to romance and a man’s thoughts turn to getting lucky.  As a veteran of many Valentines Days past, I can tell you, it is not quite that easy.  … Continue reading

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Through The Years

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“Time and tides, wait for no man” In another month, my wife and I will celebrate our fifty first wedding anniversary.  Wow, where did the time go?  Seems like it hasn’t been that long since she…

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