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Broken Pieces

A love Shattered Irreparable Abandoned A life Set adrift Mournful Hollow A yesterday Surrendered Cast aside Forsaken A today Cold and silent Surrounded by Broken pieces

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Like creek stones Captured and shaped Smoothed and polished By the fingers of time Life’s lessons Learned

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Did I Read That Write

Anyone that uses the computer to write messages, or perhaps a blog, knows that spell check is a Godsend.  I am terrible at spelling.  Actually, I am terrible at composition.  I couldn’t tell you a noun from a verb nor … Continue reading

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Run Ignore the smoke of fear Be not afraid Run Midst the debris of hate Do not look back Run A saddened nation cheers you A shaken world observes Run Shed not tears of despair You will not be defeated … Continue reading

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The Lost Generation

In Ernest Hemingway’s book “The Sun Also Rises”, he refers to the Lost Generation, namely, those who came of age during the World War I era.  By lost, he didn’t mean gone, vanished or disappeared.  He was referring to wandering … Continue reading

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The Policeman

There has been a lot in the news recently about law enforcement, very little of it positive.  It seems that people have a tendency to believe the worst about things.  Oh sure, some of the time, they are right, but … Continue reading

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Leading With Their Heart

A friend sent this to me and I had to share it.  If you are an animal lover, or just someone that believes that one of your greatest virtues in our ability to help others, you will enjoy this video. … Continue reading

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The Virtues Of Cocooning

When I retired I was living in Kentucky, so it was not unusual to be asked why I was going to move to Maine where it was so cold.  My stock answer was “only if you go outside”.  I for … Continue reading

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The City

Originally posted on Ink lings:
Brazen horns protest each others presence Steam rises from beneath the tarnished streets Taxi’s tease with flags that say “off duty” And in the shadows, grifters ply their trade A cacophony of  smells assault the…

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Written Gifts

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Staring, anxious Desperate to create In the void Thoughts tumble, defy definition Words, tangled Sort them, bend them  Place them  Change, discard Again, start again Think, scribe Yes, yes, that is it Sculpted lines Fly,…

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