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Remembering Jerry

Recently, the world lost one of it’s own, Jerry Hunley. Not a name you will probably recognize.  He wasn’t famous.  He wasn’t a luminary.  He was me and you.  He was a good husband, son, brother, and friend.  He was … Continue reading

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I Resolve

Well, here we are.  Ready to dip our toes into a new year.  I can’t say I am too excited, since I wasn’t too crazy about the last one.  But, it is almost over and being the eternal optimist that … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve

Cookies placed Stockings hung Tired eyes Struggle Anticipation Footsteps on the roof Excitement suspended “Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”

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Home For The Holidays

Home: noun -The place (such as a house or apartment) where a person lives The above, as defined by Merriam Webster, is what a home is supposed to be.  I do not totally disagree, but I do think it falls … Continue reading

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A Touch Of Trivia

I have always had a love of trivia and more specifically, stories that enlighten me as to where popular phrases came from.  I know some should be taken with a grain of salt (why do we say that?), but most … Continue reading

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You should always be a good sport Is a phrase we often use But of course to prove you are one I’m afraid you have to lose

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Saying It Forward

I read with some enthusiasm this morning the Kindness Blog, in which a challenge was issued.  Specifically, for one year, to consciously think about what you are going to say before you say it to give yourself the opportunity to … Continue reading

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Footsteps in the hall Hiding in my darkened room Smell his liquored breath Please don’t daddy, I’ll be good Please don’t hurt me anymore

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You Know You’re In Maine If

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Christmas Trilogy Part III

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The Greatest Ever Christmas Tree Part III Ruckus The man with a puzzled look Turned and then a few steps took Until in front of Hoot he stood And with all the control he could…

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