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You Have A Right To Remain Silent

I don’t like doctors.  I don’t mean personally.  I have had a couple that have been really nice.  I guess what I mean is, I don’t like what they say and do.  I have yet to have one of them … Continue reading

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It’s US America

In another week, we here in the US will have an opportunity to  shape the role of both local and federal government when we go to the polls.  That is, assuming you go.  I hope you do because the only … Continue reading

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Made In America

As I sit here in my Levis made in Bangladesh and my sneakers made in Mexico (I don’t know where my shirt was made, but the washing instructions are in Spanish) typing on my Japanese computer with a Chinese mouse … Continue reading

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The Power Of Perception

I watched a new program last night on the Food Network.  It is called Hungry Games and it is based on the premise that we build up perceptions of what things should taste like and either accept or reject them … Continue reading

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OMG They’re Back

I can’t believe it.  They have been recovered.  Those of you that read my recent post re losing two poems will know what I am talking about.  A couple of poems I wrote back in May had disappeared.  No amount … Continue reading

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Silver Strands

Originally posted on oldmainer:
She sits quietly, staring at the fire Lost in a world of reflection The lines upon her face Softened by the caress of time Shadows of her years have lengthened Her memories play among the flames…

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Oh No!! They’re Gone

This morning I was looking for one of my poems titled “On Cemetery Street” that I posted back in April and could not find it.  Have looked everywhere to no avail.  Now I find there is another (Grandfather Clock) missing … Continue reading

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The Funny Side of Reality

I once heard a story about a person that was having their garage door opener replaced.  They told the repairman that they thought they would need a least a 1/2 horsepower motor.  The repairman said he didn’t think that was … Continue reading

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The E Street Bus

Originally posted on Ink lings:
Each morning of my workweek, I board the E Street Bus  I see familiar faces, there are a lot of us But if I look closer, I see more then faces I see a kaleidoscope made…

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Around The Bend

Originally posted on Ink lings:
Around the bend, just out of sight My fantasies hint at what might Be waiting if I were to peek Expose the mystery that I seek Bring the unknown into the light Perhaps it’s love,…

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