The Voyage

Ink lings

As a young man I cast off my line and sailed into life’s sea
My destination was unknown, just happy to be free

I oft sailed troubled waters, furling sails til the time when
I’d ridden out the turbulence and my seas were calm again

Each storm I met would leave it’s mark, but it also helped me see
It’s all part of the voyage, it made a stronger me

My trips took me to many shores, each offered something new
I would fill my hold with knowledge, then my anchor weigh anew

My moral compass set my course, truth kept my vessel straight
Integrity filled out my sails, friendship was my mate

But alas, this weary sailor knew when he should sail no more
Since time and tide had run their course, I set a course for shore

I sailed into life’s harbor where my anchor came to rest

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About isitjustme

I am retired and live in southern Maine with my wife and two dogs. I created this blog as an outlet for my occasional opinions and random observations. I welcome anyone that wants to kick back and join me here on the porch, exploring all the gifts we have been given and the memories collected. Thanks for stopping by.
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