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You Want Me To Do What?

I may not be the smartest tool in the shed, but I can hold my own.  I must admit however that I do admire those over achievers among us that seem to be able to do anything. “Hi Ed.  How’s … Continue reading

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“Thank you.  Thank you very much” Ed said to the young man in the hoodie that held open the pharmacy door as he drove his power chair through it.  “I appreciate it”.  The young man just nodded. Rolling through the … Continue reading

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The Days Of Wine And Noses

I don’t remember when I had my first sip of wine, but I do remember that it was not favorable.  It was dry and tart.  Not at all what I would expect from a respectable grape.  But, as young men … Continue reading

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I opened the paper this morning and was met with a headline that said “Crash Dummies Will Soon Be Smarter”.  Really???  Immediately, my mind started to plummet into the world of whimsy where it wallows in the ridiculous. …

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Autumn Walk

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I step into the open yard and feel the autumn air on my face.  My dog pulls anxiously on her leash, urging me on.  A chill has settled in that was not there yesterday.  I welcome…

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Rubble of a vanquished race People recoil from the truth Peace on earth goodwill to men We did not know how Hate became a way of life Vitriol running rampant Strike down the opposition Crucify the man Destruction by our … Continue reading

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The actor lives upon the stage With his voice, his tale conveys Reciting lines in mellow tones Captures all that hear The writer lives upon the page With his hand, his tale portrays Penning lines,…

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The Silent Cry

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I sense without hearing Observe but do not see Vibrations on my heart Receive the silent cry It echoes on my soul Wrapped as in a dream Reality denied Believe the silent cry Soon it…

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How Will I Know If The Best Man Wins?

“Ours is a problem in which deception has become organized and strong; where truth is poisoned at it’s source; one in which the skill of the shrewdest brains is devoted to misleading a bewildered people” Walter Lippmann 1889-1974 It’s a … Continue reading

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Yesterdays People

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Yesterdays People Their days are very much the same Like soldiers marching to the drum The cadence of the ticking clock Marking time as each day passes  They wrap themselves in memories Replayed like notes…

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