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And Justice For All

Southern Border Published in Human Events Magazine July 2, 2014 Tens of thousands of immigrants who illegally crossed the Mexico border into Texas are in the process of being released into communities throughout the nation rather than being indefinitely detained … Continue reading

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So God Made A Dog

There is nothing I can add to this.

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What Goes Around

I was reading an article the other day which, among other things, touched on the subject of reincarnation.  I have never given it enough thought to decide whether I believe it in or not.  I do tend to think there … Continue reading

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A Salute

This is a commercial for Guinness.  A salute to all the servicemen who give so willingly of themselves so that we can reap the benefits of freedom.  I though it was very powerful and wanted to share it with you. … Continue reading

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My wife has the game of Scrabble on our computer and plays it often.  I, on the other hand, don’t spend a lot of time playing it.  Mostly, I think, because I don’t make out very well, even at a … Continue reading

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You And Eye

Originally posted on Ink lings:
It can’t be real, did I just see That cute young girl just wink at me I’m sure I must have seen it wrong But just in case, I’ll play along I steal another furtive…

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A pristine crystal droplet For but a moment, suspended Cascades with abandonment And splashes on my sorrow

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Spring, fresh cheeked, thrills us with renewal Heralding life’s cycle born anew Summer, with the face of adolescence Warms the heart and smiles upon the meadows Autumn dances to the song of twilight Her age…

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My New Cellphone

Originally posted on oldmainer:
I am a simple man and as such, it doesn’t take much to confuse me.  Last year I bought a new cellphone because I needed Bluetooth to operate some functions in my car, but that’s another…

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I Saw A Dream

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I saw a dream of yesterday Not clearly, but in shades of gray A vision of what used to be Times that remain a part of me Briefly it came but could not stay What…

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