Random Reflections

I enjoy sitting on my porch and watching the world go by, probably because it is so easy. I live on a dead end street, so “the world”, so to speak, is extremely small, consisting mostly of a couple of neighbors, the UPS truck, and an occasional school bus.  But that’s OK.  It lessens the stress of possibly missing something. 

The porch is also the place where I do some of my best thinking.  Probably because there are so few distractions.  Just the other day, I was thinking about the winter we just finally got rid of and how cold it had been, seldom going above freezing and many days around zero.  That’s when it hit me.  If the temperature is zero, and someone said “it’s going to be twice as cold tomorrow”, how cold is it going to be?  Do you know?  I sure don’t. That’s what I mean about fleshing out the really hard questions.

I was sitting there one day when a neighbor went by with his black lab in the back seat with it’s head hanging out of the window, and it set me to wondering.  Why is it dogs like to ride like that, but they get mad if you blow in their face.  Doesn’t seem to make any sense does it.

Life is full of these little idiosyncrasies.  Like why would to feed a kid Alphabet Soup if they haven’t learned to spell yet.  Seems like kind of a waste.  Better to stay with Chicken Noodle.  Every kid can slurp a noodle.

It isn’t as if any of this stuff is new.  It’s just that I never had the time to give it the attention it deserves.  I have long known for instance that I could tell someone there are four billion stars and they would believe me, but if I tell them the paint is wet, they will have to check.

Some of you are probably thinking I have all together too much time on my hands, and you may be right.  But someone has to think about this stuff, and being a person given to shouldering responsibility, I don’t mind stepping up.  I’ll do all the heavy thinking so that you have time to think about the small stuff, like “why did I just waste my time reading this?”  Just sayin.


About oldmainer

I am retired and live in southern Maine with my wife and two dogs of questionable origin. I created this blog as an outlet for my occasional opinions and random observations since my wife is tired of hearing them and, after 50 some odd years, probably with good reason. I appreciate your checking me out and hope that you find something that will encourage a return visit. Thanks for stopping by.
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10 Responses to Random Reflections

  1. Why is it okay to drink through a straw but not to blow the other way and make bubbles? A straw was obviously made to work both ways, right? Great post.


  2. Theresa says:

    Never a waste to read your posts; just sayin’…


  3. I’ve been stuck for years on the question of why one parks on a driveway but drives on a parkway


    • oldmainer says:

      Good question. And how about why we fill the garage with junk and leave a $30000 car in the driveway. I’ll have to go back out on the porch and give these some thought.


  4. Starralee says:

    I do love your writing–and am glad you’re willing to do the heavy thinking for me. Can’t stop laughing about the “checking wet paint” part–wonder what makes people have to prove that?


  5. oldmainer says:

    If you figure it out, let me know.


  6. Charlotte says:

    This made me smile. I look forward to your every post. 🙂


  7. I say leave the heavy thinking to horses Bob, they’ve got bigger heads.


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