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Nobody Else Does It

Each morning while reading the paper, I am compelled to check out the Charlie Brown comic strip.  I have always liked it because there is so much reality tucked into it.  The attitudes, activities, and emotions are pulled from real … Continue reading

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Word Gaems

Although I am still an advocate for the value of writing or receiving a hand written letter instead of a computer generated one, I’ve got to admit that the computer version makes me look a lot smarter then I am.  … Continue reading

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Have It Your Way

I spent several years working for a corporation in customer service related roles, so I am probably more sensitive to and critical of poor customer skills.  I was reminded of this again earlier today.  I had been analyzing my IRA … Continue reading

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Yesterdays Hero

I repost this every year in remembrance of Memorial Day as a thank you to all the men and women of  the military that so unselfishly give of themselves to guarantee our freedom and safety.  I salute you. “Excuse me” … Continue reading

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Marriage 101

I consider myself a relatively intelligent man, not to be confused with a smart one.  There is a difference.  To me intelligence is something you gain through education and life experiences.  Being smart is something you gain by being married.  … Continue reading

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Sweat Of The Devil

John sat in his cramped office, staring at the wall of windows, watching the rain carve it’s designs on the tinted glass.  He didn’t like the rain.  There was something sad about it.  The ‘sweat of the devil’ he called … Continue reading

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Kindness or Courage

Recently, a friend of mine who follows my blog posed a question to me and suggested it might be something I would like to write about.  He was right.  The question was: “Which is greater—Kindness or Courage” I’m still not … Continue reading

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The Decline And Fall

When I was a kid, I would ride my bike everywhere.  I didn’t wear any headgear and more then once my pant-leg got caught between the chain and sprocket, creating some scrapes and bruises.  I played touch football without a … Continue reading

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