I have heard it said that life is a journey, and I guess it is.  Personally, I like to think of it as a stroll through fields of experiences and forests of emotions, with the body providing the means, and the mind choosing the direction.  If I have learned anything over the years, it is that what I think determines who I am, and therefore, what I do.  What I believe drives me.  What I love, nurtures me.  What I dislike both saddens me and hardens my resolve.  I weep for those things that, as time has passed, were lost to me.  But I also sing for the things that have touched me and guided me when my direction was uncertain.  I worry that I have not done enough, have not fulfilled my purpose, whatever it is.  I struggle with the realities of my world.  So much hate.  So much pain.  I reason that it is not because of me, but without me, it won’t change.  As I watch each day evolve, I ask myself “have I done something, anything, that will make tomorrow better then today.”  What will be my legacy?

Little things I think.  Baby steps.  Small acts.  Simple gestures.  The power of a smile.  The healing qualities of a touch.  A kind or soothing word.  The gift of listening. All insignificant by themselves, but when compounded, can build a chapel in your heart.  Concern, compassion.  Tools with which I can shape my world.  Is it enough.  Probably not.  But were I not to even try, what then?  What has been my purpose?  The footprints that I leave behind will fade with age.  But perhaps, just perhaps, something that I have done, something that I have said, will leave a lasting imprint.  Because of it, in some small way, tomorrow will be a little better.  I can accept that.  I had a purpose. 



About oldmainer

I am retired and live in southern Maine with my wife and two dogs of questionable origin. I created this blog as an outlet for my occasional opinions and random observations since my wife is tired of hearing them and, after 50 some odd years, probably with good reason. I appreciate your checking me out and hope that you find something that will encourage a return visit. Thanks for stopping by.
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5 Responses to Footprints

  1. directorb says:

    Great post.


  2. What a superb mantra – have I done anything that will make tomorrow better than today? Great idea. I think that ,ultimately, baby steps is all any of us have.


  3. Theresa says:

    Your post is a gift; my thanks…


  4. Great post Bob. There are that many of us on this planet it’s hard to find meaning and purpose. You’re right it’s the little things we do that can make differences in other people’s lives. The butterfly effect in action, a kind smile or act can ripple outwards.


  5. splitspeak says:

    Great thoughts Bob…”chapel in your heart” sounds so delightful

    Love, Mehak


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