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Take a Penny, Leave a Penny

You’ve seen them.  Those little trays on the store counter with pennies in them, often with a sign saying “take a penny, leave a penny”.  On occasion, I have dropped pennies in them, but until recently, I never had occasion … Continue reading

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Holiday Shopping

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I don’t consider myself a particularly aggressive sort, but there is something about the Holidays that sparks a sense of adventure in me.  I think of it as testing my metal against other shoppers, many much younger then…

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Winter Is All About Snowing How

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Well, it’s finally here.  After teasing us with a few dusting s of snow, we were still pretty bare here in Southern Maine through most of December.  Then, about ten o’clock Christmas morning, it began to snow.  Not…

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And The Circle Goes Round and Round

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a piece relative to the good citizens of Portland, Maine passing by a large margin, the right for anyone over 21 to legally carry up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana.  Over 70% of … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Is Just That. Giving Thanks

It’s funny how we associate things.  They become one with each other.  Who can imagine an Easter without the bunny, or losing a tooth and not being paid a visit by the tooth fairy.  And Christmas would be unthinkable without … Continue reading

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Now, That’s Punney

I think almost everyone enjoys a good joke and a few of us even find some humor in bad ones.  I am no exception.  However, if I were to define the epitome of humor, I would have to vote for … Continue reading

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If It Looks Like An Elephant, It Probably Is

You can say a lot of things about Maine, but one of them is not that it is ever boring.  In part, this is due to our relationship with nature.  It is home to the lakes, forests and coastal access … Continue reading

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Yesterdays Hero

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I saw this picture recently of a crowd sitting in lawn chairs along a parade route.  In the background, a military formation is marching by carrying our flag.  Sadly, the only one standing in a show…

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I see her sitting in her chair The wheels are locked in place My gaze is met by hollow eyes No expression on her face It’s clear she does not know me Nor does she…

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The Gold Star

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I remember as a young boy, going out to play, I would often see old Mr Kimball, sitting on the steps of his porch, reading the paper.  World War II was in full swing so the…

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