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What A Great Gift

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What a great gift, my thanks to you For heartfelt smiles, all that you do A whispered word, my doubts belie Not when I lose, but when I try I learned to fly, because of…

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Where Two Once Stood

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Where two once stood, now one alone Left to journey on their own Gone the love they chose to share Dashed in the ashes of despair A heart now turned to stone How for this…

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Walking Alone

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Maybe it’s because I am well into my years that I pay more attention to those that are aging around me.  Like trying on a suit and deciding how it fits and if you are comfortable…

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A Real Family Tree

Ever since I was a kid, I have been a sucker for pets.  Maybe because we lived in a rental property and couldn’t have animals, made me more acute to their absence.  I remember bringing home a baby squirrel once.  That … Continue reading

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Failure To Communicate

I am sure that most if not all of you at some time or other, have had a phone conversation with a customer service representative, and came away with mixed emotions. This of course would have been when you could … Continue reading

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Sound Bytes

I know he is just being polite, and that he asks everyone the same thing, but I cannot help but be a little amused when I visit the local Family Health Clinic and my doctor greets me with a “how … Continue reading

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I See Therefore You Are

I would like to forward a hypothesis.  I believe that our paradigms are formed primarily from sight.  That our vision of an item or another person sets the basis from which all other assumptions and conclusions stem.  Given their ability … Continue reading

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Look Both Ways

When I started writing a couple of years ago, I thought it would be easy, and to some degree it was.  Initially thoughts and subjects were plentiful and soon I was publishing poems, narratives, and opinion pieces with utter abandon, … Continue reading

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Through Others Eyes

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I often see him sitting there as I wander through the park.  Always on the same bench, staring at the scene before him.  His face mostly without expression, never smiling or acknowledging a ventured wave or nod.…

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What Doesn’t Kill You Etc.

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While watching the commercials between program breaks, about twenty minutes worth out of each hour, I have noticed that we have become a generation that apparently believes that for every symptom, there is an equal and opposite cure.  Advertisements for medications, both…

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