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The Winning Play

I love feel good stories.  Can’t get enough of them actually.  So when I find one, I want to share it.  I just wish I could find them more often. I found one such story while surfing the web recently. … Continue reading

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I saw a video on CBS Sunday morning news last week that described studies that have recently been done on friendship, and it’s importance in our lives.  Basically, they performed some tests which were done alone and then done again … Continue reading

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But Now I See

A while ago, my wife and I were going through a closet, cleaning out some stuff we never use.  Among the items were some stuffed animals that had sat on the shelf for years which I planned to give to … Continue reading

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To Your Health

I read an article not long ago that was discussing the health benefits of laughing.  It said it is good for your respiratory tract and also strengthens the heart muscle.  However, it didn’t say anything about helping you lose weight. … Continue reading

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I saw this picture recently and could not forget it.  So many thoughts rushed to mind.  We, as a society, place tremendous importance on beauty.   You need look no further then the Oscars to see the minions bowing to the alter … Continue reading

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Deadend Diplomacy

I recently read a news article about North Korea’s Kim Jong Un being paid a visit by our distinguished statesman, Dennis Rodman.  What’s up with that?  Rodman knows as much about diplomacy as Kim does about fashion.  But it got … Continue reading

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A Moving Experience

    I was standing, idly looking out the front window when I saw the moving van creep slowly up the street.  I didn’t have to guess where it was going.  The house behind me had recently sold, and I … Continue reading

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