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White on White

Winter in Maine.  As unpredictable as a five year old.  I pulled on my coat, hat and gloves this morning, then put a coat on the dogs and headed out for our morning walk.  It had been snowing off and … Continue reading

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Small Towns

There is something to be said for small towns.  After living my entire adult life in cities, I had some reservations when we decided to return to Maine.  Even the largest cities up here pale in comparison to those in … Continue reading

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Digital World

  The other day, while waiting for my car to be serviced, I was sitting in the customer lounge of our local dealership. Soon, I was joined by a 20 something lady. As she sat down, she placed a laptop … Continue reading

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Dust rises from the rutted road. Cannon laden caissons rumble slowly forward. A red sun competes with the campfires glow. Weary troops break camp, joining the ranks of colleagues on the move. An enemy, unseen, lays before them, waiting to … Continue reading

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Stormy Afternoon

I stand here in the semi darkness. Power went out about an hour ago. No surprise given the angry wind that grips and shakes the house. The only sound, the torrential rain. The incessant rain that assaults all that it … Continue reading

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Do You Know Who I Am?

I have long considered myself a student of the human character, and in many cases, that should be with a capital C.  The years have exposed me to  many personalities, traits, quirks, and philosophies.  I have always been a person … Continue reading

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Every Dog Should Own A Person

I don’t know when I first realized that I was not in charge.  It wasn’t long after we brought home the first puppy.  She was so cute, so helpless.  As any proud new parents would do, we fawned over her. … Continue reading

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