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Immaculate Reception

When I was a manager, the task that I disliked more then any other was preparing the annual performance appraisals of my employees. Each year, I would struggle to make pertinent comments while showing compassion.  That was not always as … Continue reading

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The Rubber Game

A few weeks ago, I posted a blog called Beautiful Lies.  In it I refer to a friend that I visit each week in the nursing home.  I will call him RR.  I walked into his room one day and … Continue reading

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If One Is Good

If one is good, then two must be great, he said laughingly.  I smiled and nodded in agreement.  But later, when thinking about it, I began to have my misgivings and in fact concluded that I could think of several … Continue reading

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I opened the paper this morning and was met with a headline that said “Crash Dummies Will Soon Be Smarter”.  Really???  Immediately, my mind started to plummet into the world of whimsy where it wallows in the ridiculous.    First, the article … Continue reading

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The Big Fix

Prior to my retirement, my company adopted a program called Six Sigma which was designed to improve manufacturing and business processes by eliminating defects.  It is a rather complex system incorporating mathematics and in depth analysis.  As such, specialized training was required … Continue reading

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Through The Years

“Time and tides, wait for no man” In another month, my wife and I will celebrate our fifty first wedding anniversary.  Wow, where did the time go?  Seems like it hasn’t been that long since she at eighteen and I … Continue reading

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Winter Is All About Snowing How

Well, it’s finally here.  After teasing us with a few dusting s of snow, we were still pretty bare here in Southern Maine through most of December.  Then, about ten o’clock Christmas morning, it began to snow.  Not a blizzard mind you, … Continue reading

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