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What Doesn’t Kill You Etc.

While watching the commercials between program breaks, about twenty minutes worth out of each hour, I have noticed that we have become a generation that apparently believes that for every symptom, there is an equal and opposite cure.  Advertisements for medications, both over the counter and … Continue reading

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The Gift

It’s gone, the thundering voice of destruction, leaving behind the shattered lives and loves of yesterday.  The darkness is broken only by the sounds of silence.  I am alive, but dare not breathe for fear it will return.  I have … Continue reading

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Trip To The Sea

The morning dawns brightly with just a hint of chill.  Sunlight dances through the trees while playing tag with the elusive breeze   Our hearts are light as we set off to visit the rugged coast of Maine. We pursue an eastward course as … Continue reading

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Chapel By The Sea

I was born and brought up in Massachusetts, but several years ago I adopted Maine as my home.  It is beautiful here, offering the best of what nature can provide.  We have mountains, an ocean, forests, and an abundance of … Continue reading

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What Price Liberty

A friend sent me a video this morning that said something that really got my attention.  I am admittedly a conservative and a registered independent.  I have voted both ways over the years.  But this time the choices to me are … Continue reading

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Am I Really Me?

We recently received a letter from an insurance company revealing the existence of a dormant  policy in the name of my wife’s mother, long deceased.  They were attempting to find the next of kin or the funds would revert to the state.  Not … Continue reading

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Choosing Forever

I listen to the crunch of gravel as I drive slowly down the central avenue of the cemetery.  I gaze at the headstones, clustered on either side, some showing their age, while all silently stand watch over those that they … Continue reading

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Growing Up Rich

My childhood home was just four rooms heated by a big black stove in the kitchen.  We had no phone, no car, and a pull chain toilet in the basement.  Money was tight and there had to be enough left … Continue reading

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I’m Scared

I’m scared.  Not physically, white faced, hair on end scared.  But scared in a more subtle way.  Do you know how you feel sometimes when something bothers you and it is bigger then you?  You see it so clearly but … Continue reading

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Autumn Walk

I step into the open yard and feel the autumn air on my face.  My dog pulls anxiously on her leash, urging me on.  A chill has settled in that was not there yesterday.  I welcome it and pull my … Continue reading

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