Kittens In The Barn

“Breakfast’s ready, have a seat” his wife says.  “How’re the kittens”?

“Damn cat” he says.  “Should have run her off when she showed up last year.  Don’t know why she stays where she ain’t wanted.  Nothing but a nuisance is all she is.  Now got all those little ones running around.  I hate cats”.

She places a plate before him and pours him a cup of coffee.  He hungrily digs in, sopping up his eggs with a warm biscuit.  He tips his cup and pours some coffee in his saucer, blowing on it to cool it off.  “Damn cat” he mumbles.

When finished, he carries his dishes to the sink, rinsing them and setting them on the side board.  When her back is turned, he quickly grabs the saucer and stuffs it in the pocket of his bib overalls.  “I’m going to milk the cows” he says. 

“Take care” she calls, pretending not to notice.  In another moment he is gone.

He grabs his stool and bucket and sets to milking, the warm liquid quickly consuming the container.  He rises and walks into a distant stall.  Bending down, he pulls out the purloined saucer and fills it from the bucket in his hand, placing it beside the squirming litter, watching as they stagger to its brim.  A hint of a smile escapes from the corners of his mouth.

“Damn cat” he mutters.  “Don’t know why she stays where she ain’t wanted”.

From the archives September 2012

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Through Others Eyes

I often see him sitting there as I wander through the park.  Always on the same bench, staring at the scene before him.  His face mostly without expression, never smiling or acknowledging a ventured wave or nod.  I wonder what thoughts and experiences are hidden behind the dark lenses that always cloak his eyes. 

Today I stop and take a seat beside him.  I am startled by his hello.  I return his greeting and remark on the beauty of the day.  He agrees and relates how much he enjoys the smell of the lilac bushes behind us and the sound of the trees stirring in the breeze.

“That is why I always select this bench” he says.

 He continues by confessing how much he likes the sounds of the city, the urgency of the traffic on the nearby street blending with the voices that surround him as they pass him by.  He comments on the pigeons that scurry around our feet, looking for the next handout.  “I usually bring some bread crumbs” he says “as I know they will be waiting for me”.

I ask him if he lives nearby.  “No” he says. “I must take the bus to visit. But it is a small price to pay to be able to experience the life that lingers here in the park. The days are ever changing and the sights and sounds do not repeat themselves.  Life moves through here with bold steps, and much can be learned if we just sit a while and observe”.

“I must admit that you are much more observant then I” I say.  “Many of the things you mention I never notice or take for granted.  It is refreshing to see them through others eyes”.

With that, I see the first sign of a smile, just a slight curling at the corners of his mouth.  He rises and says he must be going.  Reaching in his pocket, he withdraws a folded white cane and opens it to its fullest.  He turns in my direction, thanks me for the visit and says “I hope to see you again”.  Then, with a muted tap, tap, tap, he slowly walks away. 

From the archives
September 2012

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A Letter From Home

Dear World:

I was just sitting here looking out at you. When I got up this morning, you had painted everything white and weren’t through yet. And that’s OK. You don’t live here if you haven’t made your peace with snow and frigid winds that seek the smallest exposed area of your body and descend upon it. So, it is no surprise to me that today is a perfect day for staying home and to write this letter.

There is, however, one thing about winter that I must admit. As harsh as it may seem, it also has a gentle side. Those snowflakes that are falling are as soft as the touch of God. I know, as do you, that it can cause hardships, but it also forces us to take a deep breath and re-access what you, the world, has in mind. That is not necessarily a bad thing. Or it doesn’t have to be if seen from the proper perspective.

We have just completed a year that saw a disproportionate share of our days isolated and sequestered in our homes. That was hard, partially because we didn’t have a choice. We tilted at all our windmills and complained about the external conditions that were raising havoc with our lives. Long held habits and actions that had forever been the norm now littered the house like dirty laundry. We swore we would not survive the pandemic, but we did and we are. We were however forced to try on a new life for size. And, it would seem, we became more resilient. So world, to me at least, winter is not as polarizing as it once was. I’ve been through worse. I can go out and challenge you if I wish. Or, I can accept the obvious and stay home, secure in my environment. Yes, the selfsame environment I railed against so often last year. Funny how the rules change when the decision is yours.

It’s quiet here world. Winter tests many of our senses, the least of which is sound. You don’t hear it per se. It is more visceral. Like love, it is more deeply felt then heard. It captures you, becomes a part of you, and you know you won’t escape, at least on your own volition.

It will be dark soon. Yes, we can thank you for that too. You turn the lights out very early this time of year. I can’t say I care for that. You deprive us of the beauty you have created, forcing us to wait for another morn. I’m not really complaining however as there is something to be said for the warmth and security of an evening at home, shielded from the less forgiving aspects of winter.

Well, I guess I’ll close for now world. You have work to do and so do I. It was good to have a few moments to get back in touch with you. I thank you for that. I didn’t realize how much I have missed the chance to spend time with you. To tell you that I appreciate you. None of us is perfect, but we try. Your year just past was fraught with many issues and problems as ours was. And you, like us, soldiered on, dealing with the consequences of that which you, the world, were challenged by. I think, overall, you did a pretty fair job. I can’t really ask any more of you then that. Like you, I hope this new year will be better. Anyway, take care of yourself.


A Friend

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A Time Of Reflection

Why am I here. Not physically. I’m talking psychologically. I’m wondering why I am here at all, because I don’t think I created this environment. In fact, I am sure of it. I just kind of hung around while everything around me changed.

That in itself is not unique. The world has changed during every generation, every century, in fact, every day. Involvement in or observance of change has always been nomadic. Today and tomorrow virtually never compare. Tomorrow morning, yesterday will be familiar, but not the same. Changing glacially perhaps, but changing none the less.

I, like most of you, have had a lot of yesterdays. Good and bad. We still remember most of them. Some say it’s memories and others say it’s wisdom. Whatever you call it, it is where we live today.

Journey’s are often treasured not for the destination, but for the trip. It is the voyage that captures the sailor. It is the experience that engages the soul. Life is like that. We open each new day like another page of a book, revealing what comes next. And, whatever is revealed is within our comprehension, but beyond our control. We exist, each and every day, within a new reality.

Life, it seems, it like a prism. What you see depends on how you view it. And, therein, lives reality. The prism does not change. That is up to you. What is displayed is reality. What you see is perspective. What you do with it is today.

George Prime said “You never change, you forever become!”

So, whatever it is that I am becoming, or have been, I will continue to welcome the challenge of each new day, and the fellowship that surrounds me. I will look for the good in my fellow man and offer smiles of reassurance that love still exists. I will walk on the side of kindness and the path of compassion. I will embrace the smallest of those among us, protecting and sheltering them. I will strive to be a friend, providing support whenever I can.

In retrospect it would appear that I just answered my own question of why I am here. I think it is because I have a role to play, as do we all. And, however small it may be, I have something to give.

Merry Christmas to all my WordPress friends.

Bob, Sophie, and Kramer

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So, Here We Are—Again

And as another year sails into the sunset, and another holiday season descends upon us, we once again check our calendar to discover it is that time that we are supposed to have a delicious dinner, connect with friends and family and, oh yeah, give thanks.

I know, I know, I’m being cynical, but it always kind of grabs me that out of 365 days, we have to be reminded to give thanks. For one day. After which we, with much more enthusiasm, join the hoards of people celebrating “Black Friday”. Now, there is nothing wrong with giving thanks for scoring a prized Christmas gift at an awesome reduced price. I just don’t think that is what the Pilgrims had in mind when they bowed their heads, or today, if they hadn’t, would we?

But, the truth be known, the numbers among us that know the origin of Thanksgiving are dwindling. Kind of like Christmas. It hasn’t always been like that.

I remember when, on Halloween, kids used to dress as Pilgrims and Indians. Yes, Indians. Indigenous people. Native Americans. I didn’t get any of them at my door this year. Or last year, etc, etc. To polarizing I guess. Might not get as much candy, given the mindset of the homeowner.

But, there was a time when Thanksgiving was one of the two largest holidays for a reason. Back when I was a kid and times were at least as tough as they are today. Times when friendship was personal and neighbors had respect for each other. A time when the traditions of today had more meaning, not so much because of those around the table, but because of the ones that weren’t.

I remember when family was the thread that bound relationships. A child that didn’t respect their parents generally did not respect any of their elders, and it was perceived that the parents, not their teachers, were at fault. And the parents were embarrassed.

I remember being excited about having a turkey dinner because money was tight. I will never forget the year that the local grocer closed early to let his people go home, before we picked up the turkey we had on lay away. We had pork chops with all the fixings. And, somehow we survived.

I remember not being one of the providers, but one of the recipients of a charitable turkey basket. I didn’t really understand it then, but my folks sure did, and they were thankful.

I remember that when we sat down to celebrate the day, no one had any trouble thinking of things for which they were thankful. And, it didn’t take one day, carved out of a year, to remind us of the bounty that was ours.

This year, I will again sit down to a meal by myself. My decision. I have had an invitation to spend the day with others. But for me, this is not only another opportunity to say thanks. It is also another chance to reflect on life and how good I have it. It is a time for me to turn the pages of my life and once again, reflect on how lucky I am to have the friends, neighbors, and relatives that provide the love and support that make me give thanks every day.

But, most of all, I give thanks because, I remember!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.

Bob, Sophie, and Kramer

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The Trunk

Patricia ambled aimlessly down the crooked aisles of the dark and dusty antique shop. She wasn’t looking for anything specific. Actually, she wasn’t looking for anything at all. She had come into the city to do some shopping when the overcast sky gave way to rain. Seeking shelter, she had ducked in here more to wait out the storm then to buy anything.

Soon, a lady with gray hair and a weathered face approached her. Not seeing her at first, she was startled when the woman spoke. “Is there anything I can show you” the woman asked. “We have all manner or treasures here. Perhaps I could interest you in this brush and comb set, solid silver. And the mirror is like new. See for yourself” she said, holding out the mirror. Patricia took it more out of courtesy then interest. But when she looked at it, she had to admit that it possessed a special charm. Shades of times passed. She gazed into the mirror and felt a connection, a familiarity with the item. Although tarnished, it was warm to the touch.

“My grandmother had a set very much like this when I was a little girl” Patricia said. She would spend hours, brushing her hair and mine. She would hold the mirror up so I could see the sheen of my hair, and I would do the same for her so she could admire her silvered locks. Then she would hug me and we would both laugh”

The woman said not a word but listened intently. Patricia, a little surprised at sharing her memories with a perfect stranger, thanked her and returned the mirror. The woman took it and, with the brush and comb, placed them in an old weathered trunk, which she could see was full of what appeared to be ladies garments. “What a beautiful trunk” she said. “Do you know how old it is”?

“I don’t really” the woman said. “It just came in yesterday and I haven’t even had a chance to sort through the contents. But, it appears they are ladies dresses from I would say the early nineteen hundreds. Turning, she again opened the lid as Patricia stepped forward. Reaching down, Patricia gently caressed the fabrics, again gaining a connection with the articles.

“If you are interested, I can make you a very good price on the trunk. I know I can sell the ladies silver set, but I don’t really have much if any call for period clothes. So I will make you an offer. The trunk and all the clothes plus, the silver set as one lot for two hundred dollars. What do you think”?

Patricia knew it was a very good price. The trunk alone was worth more then that. But she lived in an apartment and had no use for it. “It is certainly a very fair offer she said, but I must decline. I really have no use for the clothes and in my limited living accommodations, no space for the trunk. I am sorry as I love them both”. She again bent down and carefully examined the dresses, neatly folded and stacked and her memories began to replay.

Straightening up, she noted that the rain had stopped and was surprised to find she had been in the store over an hour. She thanked the woman for her time and offer, and exited the store. However, as the day progressed, she was unable to get the trunk out of her mind. It was like she was being drawn to it. Like it’s very presence was summoning memories of a childhood long forgotten, or at least suppressed.

That evening, Patricia stood on a chair in front of her closet. From the top shelf she removed an old album. It had been years since she had been inclined to peruse it. Curling up in her favorite chair, she began looking at each of the old black and white pictures, many of which she had inherited from her mother. For the first time, she breathed in the detail of the time and the people portrayed in the photos, lingering on each one as if they held her in their hand. In one of them, of her mother and her grandmother, she noted that, partially hidden by the ladies, there was a trunk, not unlike the one she had seen today. Deja Vu, she thought. It was just so improbable, but impossible to overlook. That is when she made her decision. She had no use for the trunk, but had to have it. In the morning, she would return to the store and see if the offer was still good.

Patricia arrived at the store early, actually a little before they opened. When she saw a lady approach the front door and undo the lock, she quickly entered. “Good morning” the lady said. “How may I help you”?

“I’m here to buy the trunk” Patricia stammered. “Another lady showed it to me yesterday and offered to sell it and all it’s contents for two hundred dollars. I have decided to accept the offer”.

“I’m not familiar with a trunk” the lady said. “However, we do have them from time to time. I would be happy to take your name and number in the event we get another one.”

“A nice elderly lady showed it to me. She said it had just come in. It was full of old dresses and a comb and brush set. It brought back so many memories, I decided I must have it.”

I’m sorry” the saleslady said, somewhat flustered. “I’m not familiar with it. How long ago did you say this happened”?

Yesterday” Patricia said. Yesterday afternoon. It was raining and I came in”.

The lady stared blankly for a moment and then said “are you sure it wasn’t the day before. We were closed yesterday for my grandmothers funeral.

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Kramer’s Korner

Welcome, all my faithful readers. It’s Kramer back again to bring you more about the life of a very handsome Pekinese. Bob recently added the above decals to the back of our car. He said it was a pretty good likeness. I kind of like it. I just wish he had included our phone number in case some little chihuahua, you know, wanted to text me, or something. Probably just as well though. I wouldn’t want to upset Bella.

I can’t believe how many weeks have gone by since I last sat down to write. Seems like the days fly by. Bob and I were visited by his brother, sister in law, niece, and her husband a few weeks ago. For his brother and wife, meeting me was a first time pleasure, for both of us. I made myself available for any and all attention they wished to bestow. I regaled them with my toy playing prowess, and my ability to spin while standing on my rear legs. I also had a little fun stealing one of his brothers sneakers from his bedroom, however short lived the conquest was. While here, I didn’t get to go as many places as I do when it is just Bob and I, but that’s OK. I have been to many of the places already, so I was happy to surrender my spot in the car for their entertainment.

Man, the wild turkeys are everywhere. There is a family of eleven that live next to us in Bob’s wooded area, and make almost daily trips across our lawn and around the neighborhood. I have suffered the height of indignation when, while sitting on the porch with Bob, some of them laid down on the lawn, within several feet of me. I’ll admit, I’m not what you could call a Big threat, but they could at least show me the courtesy of acknowledging that I am a dog, who could chase them if I wanted to.

Well, fall is definitely here. The trees are displaying their colors and their annual penchant for dropping their leaves in the yard. Bob, who recently completed his roundup of acorns, is now actively involved in the fine art of mulching. He is finally ready to admit that the purchase of a riding mower a year or so ago was a good investment.

Last week, Bob and I were in the car preparing for a local trip. He had put up the garage door, strapped me into my booster seat, and begun to slowly back out of the garage, when he heard a distant crunch. It seems that the door had gone up far enough to not be visible in the rear view mirror, but not far enough for the car to clear it. Fortunately, no damage was done to the car, and only minor damage to the door. Nothing Bob couldn’t ‘retrofit’ with the help of a big hammer until a repairman could come.

About the only other exciting thing that has happened around here is that Bob bought a 7 speed bicycle. He took delivery a couple of weeks ago, and went trail riding with some neighbors. No, not mountain trails. Are you kidding? We are talking flat, paved trails. Even at that, on his first ride after an intermission of about 60 years, he lasted 4 miles. But hey, he has the whole winter to rest up.

I guess that’s about it for this time. Glad to be able to chat again. So, for now, this is your old pal Kramer saying keep a smile on your face and a treat in your pocket. And don’t forget my still homeless friends. Adopt, Foster, Volunteer, or Donate. It’s all good.


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Definition: A person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection.

Well, maybe at an earlier age, but not today. At least not by the standards of social media. Today a friend is someone that you have never met, never ‘talked to’, or have any idea who they are. They are no more then a voice on a screen. They can become anything they think you would like them to be. They can, therefore, become your BFF. Which, according to Webster means “a person who doesn’t gossip about or lie to you”. Really????

No, I’m talking about real friends, the difference being, I know my flesh and blood friends and I even know what they look like. And yes, they may even gossip about me, but I have at least met them and decided that I would want them for a friend. A real friend. Someone I know. Someone that accepts me for who I am and I them. Someone who’s company I enjoy and appears to enjoy mine. Someone I can talk to, laugh with, share with, and worry about.

As my years progress, I can’t tell you how important that has become to me. Single living, regardless of age or situation, is very much dependent upon friends. So much of what we do, or what we need, is dependent upon others. And, as our needs increase, it becomes easy to determine who those friends are. They are the one’s that are not only there when the times are good, but when the times are not so good. The times when you need a little support, a little help, or just a voice that lets you know they are there. The one’s that step up when you need them. The one’s that are available when you need a ride to an appointment, or check to see if they can pick something up for you at the market. They are the ones that include you in their activities and let you know they care. Not through words, but through actions. They may not be obvious during normal activity. But, meet with a little difficulty and they magically show up.

I am happy to say that I have the pleasure of such friends. People that I don’t have to ask for help, because they already know I may need it and are the first to raise their hands. These are people that in some cases, I have known for years, and may not even live near me anymore. But they stay in touch. They make inquiries about how I am doing. They give me their ear and their understanding. Others are local acquaintances and neighbors, many of which you may only wave to as they pass, or chat briefly with when running into them at the store. You are always glad to see them and , apparently, they to see you. You don’t have to enlighten them with the problems life is throwing at you. They are getting hit with them also. Yet, they will take the time and exhibit the compassion to offer you help.

I have, and always have had difficulty accepting offers of help. I think this stems from, as a boy, being told, frequently, by my dad, “do not look to others to provide that which you can do yourself”. I have lived that my whole life, and for the most part, have been able to provide for myself. So it is with some hesitation that I accept an offer of help, all the while taking great pleasure in offering the same. To be able to provide assistance brings me the satisfaction that in some small way, I made a difference. I have to believe that the same holds true for my friends. So, with some reluctance, I have begun to accept offers for rides, or inclusion in invitations. In the end, we both receive something of value. In today’s world, there is something to be said for that. Friendship is reciprocal. Like a smile, you get what you give.

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Kramer’s Korner

Hello again all my fans. Kramer here. Nice to see you again.

Fall is definitely in the air up here. Several mornings in the fifties when Bob and I go for our walk. I love it, but hey, I also like snow. I think, in a former life, I may have been a Huskie.

Well, Bob and I went on our trip up country as planned. It was a beautiful drive up the coast. It took longer then we thought as there was a lot of road construction in progress, but that just gave us an opportunity to look around and enjoy the scenery. It’s still a little early for the leaves to begin turning, but once they do, it will be beautiful, not that it isn’t already. We arrived late morning and found Bob’s cousins sitting outside the RV with a campfire going. The whole campground has about 70 campsites and sits right on the ocean. There was a cool breeze blowing in off the water. And, of course, there was Bella. We renewed our friendship and then we all went for a walk on a wooded trail to the waters edge. The picture below is of Cyndee and Carl, Bella’s mom and dad, and, of course, me. Bob said it was almost nice enough there to make him consider buying his own RV. Oh brother!! I know how he drives. Maybe he would be smarter to buy a jeep and a tent. Anyway, we had a great day. I’m ready to go back.

A couple of Sundays ago, Bob went to the Great State Of Maine Air Show up in Brunswick, about an hour from here. I didn’t get to go as they did not allow pets, probably due to the noise and the crowds. Bob said his seat was about nine rows back from the taxi strip and right opposite where the Navy’s Blue Angels were parked. They also had all kinds of static displays including a KC135 that is stationed at his old air base, and an Osprey aircraft that takes off like a helicopter, then flies like an airplane.

He said it was a great day and the aerobatics were awesome. Of course, when it was over, Bob lost his car in the parking lot and it took over forty five minutes to find it. He said he was ready to wait for everyone else to go home and the one that was left had to be his. By the time he did find it, the traffic was backed up for miles and he, of course, was on the tail end of it. The show got over about 4:30 and he got home about 6:45. Needless to say, Sophie and I were not impressed. It got pretty hungry around here and we both had our legs crossed.

My friend Vern, the “Smokin Trucker” was entered into a BBQ Cookoff contest that was held down in Westbrook, about a half hour south. He asked Bob to come down and sample some BBQ at the booths and, of course, vote for him. So Bob drove down Saturday, only to find the event was sold out. Vern neglected to tell him that tickets were on sale on the web as well as at the event. Just another day in the life of good old what’s his name. Oh yeah! Bob.

Well, I guess I will toddle along. Don’t want to get you guys too excited. Until next time, keep a smile on your face and a treat in your pocket. And don’t forget my friends that are still looking for a home. You would be their hero if you adopted or fostered.

Take care. Over and out.


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Kramer’s Korner

Greetings and welcome back to all my readers. Summer presses on and, not long ago, we dodged a bullet named Henri. Everyone was braced for the worst. Bob worried about all the 70 foot trees surrounding the house. However, thankfully, the hurricane reduced to a tropical depression somewhere down around Connecticut and we got virtually nothing. Not even much local flooding.

Well let’s see. What have I been up to. Did I tell you Bob has changed Veterinarians? Yup. About May he transferred Sophie’s and my medical records to the Pownal Veterinary Clinic, a small practice owned and operated by the Veterinarian herself. However, with the Covid thing going around, he had never met the vet. Actually, both Sophie and I were current on all our shots, so there was no reason to go over there. However, Sophie ultimately needed a refill of her thyroid meds and that created the issue of filling a prescription without ever seeing the dog. So Bob made an appointment for Sophie and I tagged along for a complimentary meet and greet exam, and I, as a gesture of reciprocation, left a complimentary piddle in their lobby.

We were then shown into an exam room. No big deal. If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. We met the Vet Tech named Anne and she asked Bob a lot of questions and, since this was really Sophie’s visit, gave her a lot of attention. I therefore decided to take to higher ground and jumped up on their windowsill to better monitor the activity.

When the doctor came in, she examined Sophie and said she was in very good shape for her age. Then she checked me out and declared me healthy as well. Then she FINALLY gave us each some treats. She seemed very nice, and I think she was probably a good choice, but you can never turn your back on them, especially if they have something in their hand, if you know what I mean.

Well, we didn’t get to go to the Bi Centennial parade. That Saturday, weather wise, ultimately turned out OK. The sun came out and it got kind of hot and humid. I have seen some pictures of some of the floats, and it looks like it could have been a lot of fun. Unfortunately, our morning didn’t turn out so well. We had the big green transport van all ready to go, and were actually in line waiting for our turn when the vans roof top air conditioner caught on fire. It was quickly extinguished by the fire department, and no permanent damage was done to the van but, the sad part was, we had several special needs volunteers that were excited about marching in the parade, some escorting a few of our adoptables. The van was to be used to let them ride part of the way and get cool at the same time. However, given the circumstances, we decided to withdraw. Sometimes things just don’t work out. But hey!! Life is a parade. You just have to keep marching.

Next week, Bob and I are going on a day trip up country to visit his cousin. They have a huge self contained motor home and are going over to Rockport ME for a week. Bob and I are going to meet them there and spend a day. Bob says he is going to take the scenic coastal route (Route 1). It’s about 80 miles and will take us about one and a half hours. I can’t wait because I will get to see my beloved Bella❤️. Due to Covid, we haven’t seen each other for a long time, so I am excited. I’ll let you know more about our trip next time.

Well, I guess that’s about it for now. Until we meet again, keep a smile on your face and a treat in your pocket. And a shout out to my still homeless friends. Every day is one day closer to finding your forever home.

See Ya


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