Wish Haiku

smiling faces

Oh but that I could
Shine a light on just one face
Bring to it a smile

Photo property of TimesofIndia.IndiaTimes.com
Photographer: Ankita Rajeshwari



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Golden Haiku


Autumn raining down
Foliage adorns my yard
Turning lawn to gold

The birches are always the first to go.  The oaks and maples won’t be far behind.

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Amerigo Vespucci Day

Yesterday morning I had to take one of my dogs for dental surgery at the vets.  I had to have him there by 7:30 so I decided to give myself plenty of time to navigate the trip.  Usually, at that time of morning, the route I would take is populated by bumper to  bumper traffic either taking their kids to the local high school, or traveling to the nearby Maine Turnpike entrance on their way to Portland.

After turning onto the aforementioned route, I found myself sailing along in very light traffic.  It was more like a Saturday morning.  That’s when it donned on me that it was “Indigenous American” day.   Yup.  You heard me right.  All the bleeding hearts up here in Augusta, having no pressing issues like infrastructure, health, homelessness, veterans benefits, etc.  have decided to spend their taxpayer time on throwing old Chris Columbus under the bus.  It seems that none of his accomplishments were worthy of note. Instead we (and there are a lot of us that are not included in that “we”) have decided to salve our consciences and pay lip service to the  first residents of our nation at his expense instead of giving them their own day.  I might note that there is still a substantial “indigenous” population here in Maine that have been less then happy with the way the state government has treated them over land rights, and, of course, they vote.  But hey, what does that have to do with anything.

Not being a learned history buff, I decided to read a little about what was going down way back then.  One of the first things that I found was the record of an uprising in 1891 by a mob of thousands in New Orleans that massacred Italian Americans.  Of course, we already know what fortunes befell the African Americans back when our nation was young.  And none of it was perpetrated by Christopher Columbus.  So the message here, at least to me is, if you profess to abhor one guy by what he purportedly did, you can take away his holiday and award it to another group and feel really good about yourself.

I’m retired, so what Columbus Day used to mean to me (a day off) is no longer relevant. But, I am pretty sure that today’s working public could care less what you call it as long as they can still stay home.  Therefore, given that none of this holier then thou social conscience amounts to a hill of pooh, I propose that we celebrate the Italian Americans that actually helped build this nation by establishing Amerigo Vespucci Day.  After all, the America’s were named after him.  

I hesitate to bring that up for fear I could start a new movement that doesn’t like the idea that the America’s were named after an Italian and think we should therefore rename the country. But then, who among the greatest in our history is virtuous enough to accept the mantel.  Now that’s a tough one, so how about this. We just tell everyone that USA stands for United States of Ambivalence and call it a day.  Just sayin!!

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I first ran into perspective in high school during a first year drafting class.  I was fascinated with it, forming two dimensional shapes emanating from a disappearing point.  Perhaps it was because it was the first time I ever drew anything that had any relevance to the actual subject matter, or point of view.  But as time passed, I became more aware of the nuances of perspective, particularly as it pertained to what I see as opposed to what you see.  I found it curious that virtually no two people see the same thing the same way.  Or, more specifically, how something can be manipulated in such a way that it distorts reality.

A friend of mine recently sent me an email with several pictures of thrill seekers in Brazil.  There is apparently a large rock ledge there that challenges the risk takers among us.  People that presumably value their life a lot less then I value mine.  Or so it would seem.
Being a person that has a fear of heights, my breath immediately caught in my throat and my heart took the down elevator.  I could no more imagine myself sitting on the rock, much less hanging from it.  But, that was just the beginning.  I went on to view the following pictures.
bresil2        bresil7 bresil9     bresil8

Just sitting here now, seeing them again as I post them gives me the creeps.  I immediately decided that the photos had to have been photo shopped, but the accompanying message advised that the pictures were real.  I silently wondered how many people die each year as a result of this profound stupidity.  And, why wouldn’t this ledge be fenced off to guard against people performing these acts and risking death.

Well, I’ll tell you why.  It is all a matter of perspective.  What you and I see and what they see are two different things.  In reality, the ledge is only a few feet off the ground. The danger is minimal. The perspective, theirs and ours, is what creates the end result.  
My world I’m afraid is not as real as it once was.  This type of illusion is a common  occurrence, not only visually but verbally. What is written and printed and espoused today, the things that we are asked to believe as the truth, are only as credible as the perspective of the creator.   We can virtually bend, twist and shape almost anything to make it what we want it to be as opposed to what it really is.  There used to be an old saying that went “don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see”.  It still rings true with me today, however, I’m not sure I believe anything I read either.  Just sayin!!



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Autumn In The Woods



If you want to live in Maine, you had better like trees. And I do.  I love them through every season.  They are so expressive in how they present themselves.  Never satisfied with how they look, they constantly update their wardrobe, presenting a new fashion for every season.

When I walked the dogs this morning, I observed the changes that have taken place in just the last week. Although green is still the predominant color, some leaves have already been discarded and lie silently along the roads, waiting to be influenced by the whims of the slightest breeze. Shades of red and gold are beginning to test their environment, almost as would a woman trying on a new dress, gently moving to and fro as if to say “how do I look”.

Autumn only officially arrived last Monday, but our forests have obviously been long in preparation.  As I sit here now, looking out at my patio and beyond, I revel in the scene set before me.  Streaks of sun move brazenly through the trees, casting shade and shadow wherever it ventures.  A calmness of being pervades the yard.  Soon, I know, my gaze will fall upon a much changed picture.  The sun will be stronger and cast a much enhanced beam as more foliage falls to natures floor.  Winds will become more aggressive, forcing the further flight of summers attire. And, when all has been removed and stored in preparation for another year, the sun will be free to fully warm the barren limbs.

Beauty in four acts, if you would.  Natures theater. Constant change.  New casts of characters converging upon the stage to the silent applause of the eye.  A constant reminder of the creation that is there but for our taking. 

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Autumn Haiku


 Birches always first

To grasp the hand of Autumn

Flaunt their leaves of gold

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Harmony Haiku


From the earth a vine

Rises to embrace the tree

Arms around each other


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