Kramer’s Korner

Hello again all my fans. Kramer here. Nice to see you again.

Fall is definitely in the air up here. Several mornings in the fifties when Bob and I go for our walk. I love it, but hey, I also like snow. I think, in a former life, I may have been a Huskie.

Well, Bob and I went on our trip up country as planned. It was a beautiful drive up the coast. It took longer then we thought as there was a lot of road construction in progress, but that just gave us an opportunity to look around and enjoy the scenery. It’s still a little early for the leaves to begin turning, but once they do, it will be beautiful, not that it isn’t already. We arrived late morning and found Bob’s cousins sitting outside the RV with a campfire going. The whole campground has about 70 campsites and sits right on the ocean. There was a cool breeze blowing in off the water. And, of course, there was Bella. We renewed our friendship and then we all went for a walk on a wooded trail to the waters edge. The picture below is of Cyndee and Carl, Bella’s mom and dad, and, of course, me. Bob said it was almost nice enough there to make him consider buying his own RV. Oh brother!! I know how he drives. Maybe he would be smarter to buy a jeep and a tent. Anyway, we had a great day. I’m ready to go back.

A couple of Sundays ago, Bob went to the Great State Of Maine Air Show up in Brunswick, about an hour from here. I didn’t get to go as they did not allow pets, probably due to the noise and the crowds. Bob said his seat was about nine rows back from the taxi strip and right opposite where the Navy’s Blue Angels were parked. They also had all kinds of static displays including a KC135 that is stationed at his old air base, and an Osprey aircraft that takes off like a helicopter, then flies like an airplane.

He said it was a great day and the aerobatics were awesome. Of course, when it was over, Bob lost his car in the parking lot and it took over forty five minutes to find it. He said he was ready to wait for everyone else to go home and the one that was left had to be his. By the time he did find it, the traffic was backed up for miles and he, of course, was on the tail end of it. The show got over about 4:30 and he got home about 6:45. Needless to say, Sophie and I were not impressed. It got pretty hungry around here and we both had our legs crossed.

My friend Vern, the “Smokin Trucker” was entered into a BBQ Cookoff contest that was held down in Westbrook, about a half hour south. He asked Bob to come down and sample some BBQ at the booths and, of course, vote for him. So Bob drove down Saturday, only to find the event was sold out. Vern neglected to tell him that tickets were on sale on the web as well as at the event. Just another day in the life of good old what’s his name. Oh yeah! Bob.

Well, I guess I will toddle along. Don’t want to get you guys too excited. Until next time, keep a smile on your face and a treat in your pocket. And don’t forget my friends that are still looking for a home. You would be their hero if you adopted or fostered.

Take care. Over and out.


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Kramer’s Korner

Greetings and welcome back to all my readers. Summer presses on and, not long ago, we dodged a bullet named Henri. Everyone was braced for the worst. Bob worried about all the 70 foot trees surrounding the house. However, thankfully, the hurricane reduced to a tropical depression somewhere down around Connecticut and we got virtually nothing. Not even much local flooding.

Well let’s see. What have I been up to. Did I tell you Bob has changed Veterinarians? Yup. About May he transferred Sophie’s and my medical records to the Pownal Veterinary Clinic, a small practice owned and operated by the Veterinarian herself. However, with the Covid thing going around, he had never met the vet. Actually, both Sophie and I were current on all our shots, so there was no reason to go over there. However, Sophie ultimately needed a refill of her thyroid meds and that created the issue of filling a prescription without ever seeing the dog. So Bob made an appointment for Sophie and I tagged along for a complimentary meet and greet exam, and I, as a gesture of reciprocation, left a complimentary piddle in their lobby.

We were then shown into an exam room. No big deal. If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. We met the Vet Tech named Anne and she asked Bob a lot of questions and, since this was really Sophie’s visit, gave her a lot of attention. I therefore decided to take to higher ground and jumped up on their windowsill to better monitor the activity.

When the doctor came in, she examined Sophie and said she was in very good shape for her age. Then she checked me out and declared me healthy as well. Then she FINALLY gave us each some treats. She seemed very nice, and I think she was probably a good choice, but you can never turn your back on them, especially if they have something in their hand, if you know what I mean.

Well, we didn’t get to go to the Bi Centennial parade. That Saturday, weather wise, ultimately turned out OK. The sun came out and it got kind of hot and humid. I have seen some pictures of some of the floats, and it looks like it could have been a lot of fun. Unfortunately, our morning didn’t turn out so well. We had the big green transport van all ready to go, and were actually in line waiting for our turn when the vans roof top air conditioner caught on fire. It was quickly extinguished by the fire department, and no permanent damage was done to the van but, the sad part was, we had several special needs volunteers that were excited about marching in the parade, some escorting a few of our adoptables. The van was to be used to let them ride part of the way and get cool at the same time. However, given the circumstances, we decided to withdraw. Sometimes things just don’t work out. But hey!! Life is a parade. You just have to keep marching.

Next week, Bob and I are going on a day trip up country to visit his cousin. They have a huge self contained motor home and are going over to Rockport ME for a week. Bob and I are going to meet them there and spend a day. Bob says he is going to take the scenic coastal route (Route 1). It’s about 80 miles and will take us about one and a half hours. I can’t wait because I will get to see my beloved Bella❤️. Due to Covid, we haven’t seen each other for a long time, so I am excited. I’ll let you know more about our trip next time.

Well, I guess that’s about it for now. Until we meet again, keep a smile on your face and a treat in your pocket. And a shout out to my still homeless friends. Every day is one day closer to finding your forever home.

See Ya


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Kramer’s Korner

Hello and welcome back to another installment of my life, loves, and just plain everyday living. Today, I am going to do something different. After my last post, one of my admirers asked to see more pictures of Sophie, which I thought was a great idea. So, I decided to take it one step further and turn this installment over to her, and let her write anything she wants. With that, Sophie, take it away.

Hi. I’m Sophie and I’m a little nervous. I’m not very demonstrative. Oh, I love people and other animals, but I prefer to spend my days in the yard, digging holes, napping, and barking at the UPS truck.

The next picture was me as a pup when I first came home. I am 13 years old now, so I don’t get very excited about much of anything, except maybe food. Bob and his wife adopted me when I was about one and was in a kennel in Arkansas. They saw me on the web and immediately submitted an application and I’ve lived here ever since.

For years I shared the house with Scooter, a Cocker Spaniel, another shelter dog (that’s him in the middle above), and of course, most recently Kramer. We all know which one he is. Scooter and I had a lot of good times together when we were younger. He was from Arkansas too, so we had a lot in common. When we were kids, we would often roll around and play together.

Unfortunately, he had to leave us last year, and I still miss him. There was a time when Bob used to walk us together, but we were both free spirits and usually, our spirits wanted to go in different directions. Scooter wanted to sniff everything and I wanted to run. If I ever got an opportunity to back out of my collar and break for the woods, I took it, much to the chagrin of Bob. and I also have always had a desire to chase cars, even to this day. As a result, I relegated myself to wearing a harness whenever we go out. I’m not as rambunctious as I used to be, but recently I got a shot at taking myself for a walk, until Bob finally caught up with me. Boy, did that feel good. There’s a spark in the old gal yet.I have to admit though, I’m starting to feel my age. Takes a little longer to stand up, kind of like Bob.

For years I have been on thyroid medication and have had a bum back leg. But I still have moments where I try to chase Kramer. He’s just a little faster then I am. I am still not crazy about riding in the car. Never have been. If you want to go and leave me home, I’m good with that. I’ll be waiting right here by the door when you get back.

And, unlike Kramer, I have never liked toys. I would rather go find a quiet place without all that squeaking. He has one toy that is his real go to and I have to admit, there have been times when I wanted to grab it and drop it in the toilet.

Well, that’s about it, other then opening my photo album and showing you a few pictures.

Thanks to Kramer for giving me a chance to really introduce myself and to one of Kramer’s followers for asking. It was nice to meet you all. I’ll give it back to Kramer now.

Hi, Kramer again. So now you have officially met Sophie. I’ve got to admit, she is one of the nicest, gentlest ladies I know. At night, we share Bob. I curl up on his lap, and Sophie settles down next to his recliner while we both get our strokes. It doesn’t get any better then that.

I’m going to sign off now, and will bring you up to date on the happenings in my next installment. Bob had another free Animal Vaccination Clinic a week ago Saturday, and there was a Bicentennial parade on the 21st and the Greater Androscoggin Humane Society had a float in it. I didn’t get to participate as I can’t walk too far, and of course, they were showcasing some of my homeless friends. I hope it helped So, until next time, keep a smile on your face and a treat in your pocket.

So long for now


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I had an interesting conversation the other day, for a couple of reasons. One is that it encompassed subjects that today we are uncomfortable addressing. The other was because it was with myself.

I had just experienced another day of media, left and right, and was again upset with the state of our country. I thought of the days, just a few years ago when I was concerned by the lack of compromise exercised by, well, most everyone. That stagnancy of thought that would allow a nation to hold it’s collective breath while opinions became fact and fact became the armor behind which each side hid.

So, I asked myself two questions. The first was “do I think I am biased”. The obvious answer was no. I just think I’m right. Dahhh. Everyone thinks they are right, so, that being the case, bias must only exist within those that are wrong, and that would have to be those who do not agree with me. That’s when I started to examine ‘me’ and what I think. My mind and my opinions are a blend of history, experience, education, and age. And that is where the bubble, bubble, toil and trouble scenario evolves. You see, everyone has their own caldron. And to it, they add their own ingredients. And I am no different then anyone else. So therefore, my opinions and paradigms are derived the same way as the guy standing next to me. What has changed, however, is that we (I) are unwilling to sip from the other guys cauldron. This isn’t about wine, it is about life, although I will inject that wine, not unlike opinion, is best when shared. I have, however, never ordered up someone else’s opinion, and perhaps, that is part of the problem. I have always been comfortable with mine.

The second question to myself was “are you comfortable with your environment”. Wow, that’s a big question unless you qualify ‘environment’. If we are talking warming, the answer is “I think so”. If you are talking the state of a nation or the world, I would have to give a resounding “no”. My opinions may be way off base. History may point at me and say ‘boy, did you get that wrong’. However, my opinions may have value, and yield results, if ever tested. But, given our current mindset, we may never know.

I believe it was Ralph Waldo Emerson that said “The only sin that we never forgive in each other is a difference of opinion”. I think he was right. I concluded my solitary conversation thinking how often I do not recognize the opinion of another simply because it is opposed to mine. How frequently I am prone to advancing an argument instead of a reason. How quickly I am ready to defend that which I believe without benefit of argument.

But here’s the thing. Most recently, without any degree of specificity, I have been labeled racist because of my opinion, without discussion. I have been labeled supremacist because I am white. I have become the problem because I worked and became somewhat successful. Being an old white male today doesn’t bring the respect, or any for that matter, that it did to my father, for no other reason then I am white, and/or old, two things over which I have no control. But, unfortunately, none of this does anything to advance our individual or collective agenda. Further, it does nothing to solve our international, national, or local problems. We are burning at our core. I hope I live long enough to see the Phoenix rise.

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Kramer’s Korner

Hello again to all you addicted followers. Kramer, back with a little more wit and wisdom for your reading enjoyment. As you can see, Bob bought me a new tee shirt. I really like it and here’s why. Since I am the one wearing it, it confirms what I have been saying all along. I’m the one that saved him. Facts don’t lie. Case closed.

Boy, didn’t it rain. Seems like most days we get at least a shower if not a downpour. Fortunately, Sophie and I are not afraid of going out in a storm. Well, in a rain storm. Sophie is afraid of thunder. But I think Bob is afraid he will melt if he gets wet. If it’s raining, he is very reluctant to take us out, and if he does, he is quick to encourage rapid responses from us if you know what I mean. It seems a little unfair, since he doesn’t have to go out if it’s raining. Nope, he goes, so to speak, whenever he wants. He doesn’t have to ask anyone, or wait for someone to open a door. It’s kind of condescending really.

Speaking of Bob, two weeks ago, he was walking around here looking like he had just discovered nuclear fusion. Actually, he had fixed a push mower that hadn’t run for two years, and he did it by himself. I’ll have to say I thought we were looking at an exercise in futility, but somehow, he succeeded. But, here’s the thing. Since it quit, he has bought a riding mower, so the only time he uses the push mower is to do an embankment and, he has been doing that with a weed eater. So, after the victory lap I thought, isn’t this much adieu about, well, not much? It’s like me building a doghouse. It looks good, but I’m probably not going to use it.

I met a little girl the other day. She is about 7 and was walking with her mom and dog Happy. I had met her Mom before and as expected, she was impressed. So when she brought her daughter and said “that’s Kramer, the dog I was telling you about”, the little girl immediately succumbed to my obvious charms and swooned all over me. “Oh, he’s so cute” she said. “I love him” she said. “Can we get one of these” she said? Now, I’m kind of used to petting and fawning, but I have to say, I was slightly taken aback by being called “one of these”, but I refrained from challenging the inference, right after she hugged me.

While we are on the subject, let’s talk about this “cute” thing. Cute is for puppies and kittens and maybe bunnies. It is not for full grown dogs, regardless of size. I didn’t ask to be short or attractive. I was not given a choice as to how I was going to look. I am just fortunate I turned out as good looking as I am and with a captivating personality to boot. So, in the future, I would prefer to be called “handsome” or “attractive” or even “dashing”. It won’t be easy since old habits die hard, but do your best.

One day a week ago, while Bob and I were chilling on the porch, we were greeted by some surprise guests. A family of wild turkeys paid us a visit. There were about seven of them and some, given there size, were obviously ‘the kids’. No, I didn’t chase them. We just kind of checked each other out. I enjoy sharing our neighborhood with all the residents. A couple of days later, our next door neighbor showed us a picture that he had just snapped in his back yard of two deer. It just doesn’t get any better then this. Life in the slow lane.

Well, time to toddle along. It’s been great talking with you again. Til next time, keep a smile on your face and a treat in your pocket. And a shout out to my still homeless friends. Adoptions have been doing pretty well, so your turn is coming. Trust me.

See Ya


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Kramer’s Korner

Well, another two weeks has flown by and it is time I sat down and brought you up to date on what’s happening in my world. But I’ve got to tell you, it ain’t much. At least, not from a “let’s go explore someplace new” standpoint. Part of that is because Bob has been busier lately. The lawn finally took hold and with all the rain we had, is growing like a weed. Partially because several spots are. But hey, they’re green.

I still get to go on rides if the weather isn’t too hot or if Bob doesn’t have to leave me in the car. Tuesday, we took Western, a rabbit to the vet for some surgery and then took him home late that afternoon. Bob has answered several requests for drivers to and from the vet, but I don’t go on all of them. If he is transporting dogs, I usually stay home because he doesn’t know how they are going to act. Cats and rabbits, being in kennels, are not a problem, so I tag along.

This Saturday, Bob is going to be participating in another free Vaccination Clinic. They are going to try and get shots for the pets of another 40 families and Bob will use the van to transport the tents and tables, dog and cat food, and fresh water. The pet food is free to anyone needing some and usually they also have collars and leashes to give out. It keeps him busy and he says he likes to do it.

We did have a little excitement around here this week and Sophie and I were smack in the middle of it. One evening Bob was walking me when we passed our neighbors house where their dog Luna lives. She was a rescue from Puerto Rico after the vicious storms they had a while back. Luna likes to bark and wasn’t very socialized when she arrived. When her dad Ed would walk her she would yank on her leash, growling and looking like she wanted to attack everyone and everything. But I noticed that she just looked a little scared. Ed finally had an electric fence installed, so Luna now has the run of her yard and is relegated to barking from a distance. Funny thing is, she doesn’t bark at me. So, this night, I decided to go visit. Bob didn’t agree, so I pitched a fit (it’s a Pekinese thing) until I managed to back out of my collar. I ran up into her yard and after going nose to nose for a second, the two of us started running around the yard. Luna was fine. Only once did she growl and that was when Ed’s wife took her by the collar and attempted to restrain her so she wouldn’t hurt me. Bob told her it was OK to let her go. We seemed to be getting along. His only worry was that it was getting dark and he was afraid I might decide to run into the woods, so he chased me down and picked me up. It seems that when Luna is left to her own devices, interfacing at her discretion, everything is cool. So, now I have another new friend.

Sophie was another story. A couple of nights later, Sophie was languishing on her lead in the back yard. She loves it out there and Bob lets her stay out after dark since he has a floodlight on the yard. However, all good things must end, and boy, did they. Sophie just turned 13 and is pretty laid back. Not much excites her. But this time, when Bob took her lead off, instead of sauntering toward the door, she instead walked toward the woods. At first, Bob wasn’t concerned because he would just get a leash and bring her back to the house. Sophie on the other hand, obviously enjoying her new found freedom, decided to take herself for a walk, or more correctly, a trot. Neither one of us thought she had it in her, but she did. Not terribly fast, but faster then Bob. He ran and got a leash and a flashlight and started walking the sub division hoping to spot her. She is going deaf, so it would do no good to call her. After about 20 minutes, he walked back toward the house and there she was, strolling down the street. By this time she had slowed to a stroll, and even when she saw Bob, kept right on strolling. Finally he caught up with her and brought her home. I don’t know is he was angry at her or happy to have seen that little spark that he didn’t know still exists. Anyway, it ended well and I suspect Sophie had happy dreams, knowing that she’s still got a lot of her old self in there. And we both agreed that Bob needs the exercise anyway. Can’t let him get complacent.

Well, I guess that’s about it for this time. This is your old pal Kramer signing off and reminding you to keep a smile on your face and a treat in your pocket. And to my homeless friends, your day is coming. Keep the faith.

See Ya


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To Your Health, And Mine

Well, it has now been almost 7 months since I decided to take the plunge and not only improve my A1C, but also lose some weight. I am happy to say I have done both by pursuing a low carb regimen. It is now 35 pounds later and I haven’t felt better in years. I’ll be the first to tell you that it was hard. I’ll also be the first to tell you it wasn’t as hard as I imagined.

I do however have a couple of confessions to make. I didn’t do the strict Keto diet thing. For instance, I didn’t develop Macros or adhere to meal plans where my culinary future was determined by what someone else told me I should eat. All of you out there that go that route, don’t hate me. If you are happy with that, and it works for you, go for it. I just didn’t think I needed it, and in reality, I knew if that was what I had to do to accomplish my goal, I would fail. Also, I wasn’t looking to lose a ton of weight in a very short period of time. I was willing to wait.

I was pleasantly surprised that applying the principles of low carbism, I was able to find foods that I wanted to eat, recipes that I wanted to try, and a lifestyle change that was comfortable for me. For me riced cauliflower is my new rice. Turnips and rutabagas are my potatoes. Check and check.

I started by looking for recipes I would like to try and immediately ran into my first road block. If I was going to do this thing, it appeared I would need a couple of staples that I didn’t normally keep on the shelf, like almond flour, coconut flour, almond milk, flax seed meal, beef gelatin powder, MCT oil powder, oat fiber, liquid allulose, psyllium husk powder, xanthan gum, collagen peptides, granulated, powdered and brown sugar substitutes, and pork rind crumbs. I own them all. I have even used some of them. I’m sure many will die in place.

For me, here’s the deal. Once I got into this, I started to look for substitutes. As my cabinets began to bulge with all this stuff, I started researching what they did, why I needed them, and what else could I use. My first epiphany was that I often found that there was a more ‘normal’ ingredient that performed, or tasted a lot like the original. I was amazed at how many eggs were involved in low carb cooking/baking, whole or just the whites. I saw a Cloud bread recipe that called for 18 egg whites. I don’t think so.

I am often my own worst enemy. By that I mean I tend to jump into things, embracing the whole nine yards instead of sneaking up on it. It began with making my own bread. I tried several times and several recipes and they all turned out awful. It just wasn’t what I considered bread. So I started shopping. I tried a few different brands off the web since no stores near me carry low carb bread. I ultimately found Aunt Millie’s and my search was over. The same thing with hamburger and hotdog rolls. Had to hunt around, but eventually found an acceptable product. I just had to decide when to make something or when to buy.

After much disappointment in my quest to find a pasta replacement by trying noodles made of zucchini, palm, tofu, and shirataki, I finally found a company that makes faux fettuccine, spaghetti, elbows, and linguini that isn’t bad. And so it goes. I have built a cookbook of low carb recipes that look good, so I file them for later use. Sometimes I will just look for recipes that use a specific ingredient, like peanut flour, so that I can use it up. There are so few recipes that call for some of this stuff that it will probably outlast its shelf life. Live and learn.

I depend a lot on my Air Fryer and Instant Pot Pressure Cooker. Between them, I am able to create delicious meals while enjoying a wide range of proteins. I use herbs and spices to kick them up a little. I tried breading with the pork rind crumbs, but am not really a fan. They are going to last a long time I think. The same with a lot of the powders and I think I can live without coconut flour. I still use almond flour, but have been leaning more toward a couple of brands of Keto flour that are wheat based, but only slightly higher then grain free. The carbs, spread over several slices or muffins is not high enough to concern me and I think (personal opinion) my baked goods come out better.

As I progress with this regimen, I am slowly developing my own assessment of ‘must have’ items. My wife had a huge online cookbook of recipes collected over the years and there are several favorites in there. So I am now attempting to reproduce them in a low carb version. Often it is just a matter of subbing almond milk or heavy cream and a sugar substitute, and perhaps adjusting some of the other ingredients. Since I attempt to keep my daily carbs around 25, I try to keep my meals at less then 10 carbs per serving. It’s not as hard as you may think, and I have resurrected several favorites.

I know low carb is forever and I’m OK with that. I think my successes have made it possible for me to accept that fact. I am also now in maintenance mode which is still a work in progress. I still don’t know where my break even point is. How much is too much. But I find that even if I could eat more, I don’t require it. I’m happy with my current portions. However, the bathroom scale is never too far away and I check it often. So I will just continue to bop along, trying different things and keeping those I like. My next semi annual doctors appointment is in three weeks. I know my A1C is down. I just don’t know how much. And I have to believe my cholesterol and blood pressure levels have to have taken a turn for the better. We’ll find out I guess.

Oh. One last thing. Don’t ever think you are too old to change. I’m 81.

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Moving On

Today I am wearing a tee shirt that says “If You Can Read This, You Are Standing Too Close”, a testament to the year we have just spent. When I bought it, I gave no thought to the possibility of obsolesce beyond hoping it would become so. I just liked the shirt.

So here we are, miles ahead of where we were last year at this time. The crisis is on the decline and, with the advent of serums, hand washing, and distancing, it appears we can whip this thing. Given my age, I made sure that I got my shots at the first opportunity and, although I was not militant about it, generally followed the prescribed guidelines to protect myself and those around me. Now, sans mask, I walk around with much more abandon, but still giving others their space.

It seems that, like so many other things, if you do them enough, they become habit. I find myself washing my hands as soon as I return home from anywhere for instance. I never used to do that, but now, it is almost automatic. I have also become more attuned to my environment. Pay more attention to what science and our medical leadership are espousing. What are the conditions in my state, my town, my neighborhood. Things I really didn’t pay any attention to before. Good things to do. Things that say ‘are you living better because you are more conscious of the reality that surrounds you’. I think the answer is yes.

I hope that my tee shirt never returns to relevance, but being that I own it, I will still wear it and let those that read it wonder why. I just wish there was a way that it could be updated to say “If You Can Read This, Give Me A Hug”. Just sayin.

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Kramer’s Korner

Hello and welcome to another chapter in the ever evolving life of me, Kramer. Here again to talk about whatever happens to be on my mind at the time. As you can see from my picture above, I have recently exercised some “kick back and relax” moments, mostly because we have been getting some wicked bad rain storms. Not that we don’t need the rain, but there is a difference between showers and downpours. Showers don’t result in floor warnings. But at least it spared Bob the necessity of running around with a hose, trying to grow some grass. I’ll have to say, the front yard looks a lot better, even if there are a lot of weeds out there. Green is green, right?

Last time we talked, I mentioned that Bob has been volunteering at the shelter more. A couple of weeks ago, he participated in a Free Vaccination Clinic provided by the Greater Androscoggin Humane Society. People from throughout the county were encouraged to bring their cats and dogs in for free Rabies and Distemper shots and they took advantage of the opportunity.

Due to the time it takes to pre-register the pets, fill out the necessary forms, provide tags, and actually administer the shots, they were only able to provide shots for forty families over four hours, but several families brought two or more pets. I understand they will also be holding a walk up clinic which I am told moves a lot faster. It was a big success and one that is looked forward to by the communities. They have another one planned for July and again in August.

One of the perks while waiting was the availability of free dog and cat food and free collars and leashes. That is what Bob did, driving the van back to the warehouse for more supplies, bringing fresh water for the pets, and handing out the food. He said it was a rewarding experience to do this for people who were very grateful to get it. That’s why he has signed up to participate in the next two.

I haven’t been going out with Bob as much because he won’t leave me in the car on warm days. Even with the windows left slightly open, on a 70 degree day, it only takes 20 minutes for a parked car to heat up to 100 degrees. So, even though I get mad sometimes when he doesn’t take me with him, I know he it only doing it for my own good. But, I still get to go a few places. Bob likes getting out too, so I’m sure he will be looking for something we can enjoy together.

Well, I guess that’s about it for this time. This is your old bud Kramer saying “keep a smile on your face and a treat in your pocket”. And to my still homeless friends, there is someone looking for you as hard as you are for them. Trust me.

See ya


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Kramer’s Korner

Hi again all my faithful followers. Kramer here. Doesn’t seem possible that another two weeks have expired since I last wrote. It might be that I have been spending more time outside with Bob. We have been experiencing some hotter weather then is normal for Maine at this time of year. We have had several days in the high eighties and today is in the low nineties. Bob was running around the front yard this morning with a hose. He seeded the lawn the other day and needs to keep it wet. Thankfully,he maintained a modicum of decency by wearing cool but not overly revealing clothes. He may have lost weight but, come on, he’s no Brad Pitt.

Last week, we threw his backpack in the car and drove down to Two Lights State Park, one of Bob’s favorite spots. We can sit up on the cliffs overlooking the ocean and enjoy a little respite from the heat. In fact, it gets chilly. I’m guessing the incoming sea breeze dropped the temp into the high sixties while it was low eighties back home. We came here last year, but it was different this time in that there were a lot of people. Bob said that’s the way it used to be. I loved it. As you can see, I mostly hung out on a bench working on my tan and entertaining all the admiring visitors that walked by.

Bob took some pictures. As the afternoon went on, the tide began to come in, so visitors and sport fishermen had to leave the rocks. The sky and clouds were beautiful. I don’t know the name of the island that you can see in the distance, but it is close to a place called Kettle Cove. I wouldn’t mind living there, but Bob says the property values are in the two to three million range. I got the impression that he doesn’t have that. He just gave me a look.

This weekend Bob volunteered to help out the Humane Society event, giving free vaccine shots to dogs and cats. They had a good turn out. He has some pictures, but I don’t think he has edited them yet, so I will talk more about that the next time. So, until then, this is your old pal Kramer saying keep a smile on your face and a treat in your pocket. And a shout out to all my still homeless friends. Someone is looking for you. You just haven’t found each other yet.

So long for now.


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